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Ealy season turns

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Made it to Mammoth Thursday and Friday on the backend of a business trip. First time there. Truly a great place to ski. Probably only 1/3 was open due to staffing. Mammoth is a skiers mountain and the top is really steep and sustained steep. Worth the effort to get there and the drive up from Los Angeles is takes you through some spectacular scenery.

The early season covrage is outstanding . Having said that I did manage to hit a rock on Dave's run. Ouch, brand new skis. Thanks Foot Loose Sports for the patch job. I was blown away by the place and will make every effort to get back for spring skiing when everything is open and operating.

The weather , snow, terrain, and lifts all combine to make the place truly a great place to ski. Eliminate the last 20 miles on the thruway to LAX Airport to get back home and everything was about perfect!
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Planning getting out the first Sunday at Hunter for the Demo day. I would like to get out before then. Maybe if I get my boots, I will shoot up to Hunter.
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is where I'm heading next weekend to break in some new boots. Hopefully, the rain forecast for mid-week lingers until late week, and there will be good coverage.

BTW: I live in the SF Bay Area, but lived in LA a while back, and loved Mammoth. However, since getting there involves going through Tahoe in winter, I haven't made it there in a few years. Glad you had a good time there.
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