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Who else is going?

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Who else is going to the Easter Tune-up? I am signing up this weekend. If you post to say if you are going, maybe you could give a little information about what you are looking to improve and what level you are.

I am an intermediate and I just want to get better with my technique, and maybe learn enough about bumps that if I get caught on a mogul trail unexpectedly, I can make it down.

How's that for reasonable expectations, Bob!

Anyone else? If this post of mine is corny, and I have a supicion it is (sounds like a group therapy meeting or something!), please feel free to say: This post is corny.

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Very reasonable expectations Joe and great post!
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Lori and I will be there!

Hi Joe,

I see you've jumped right on in! You will not be disappointed! I have been to several of the Epic events and learned a ton from each of the coaches I've worked with...they're all top notch!

I hope the snow is there to have the moguls you want! That would be great. Nice thing is, you can work on a ton of skills for moguls without them, so you'll be better prepared afterwards either way.

My wife and I are both attending. She checked intermediate and I clicked off advanced on the survey. I just want to be able to ski as well as the coaches ...don't want Bob under the false impression everyone's coming with reasonable expectations, now do we!

See ya there,

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I was thinking about it. Cannot now.
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CGEIB ... I suspect I'll be in the class with Lori. Here's a tip: She should never ski to my right, as I am far better at turning left!
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Hi RF...

I, like the Geibs, am a huge fan of this program. I am coming as an advanced skier and I'd like to work on skiing with more "intent" and dynamism... like you I want to build skills for moguls.

I have convinced some folks I know to come along as well and they are novice through advanced skiers, also.

It's going to be a great time!

See you there,
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I'll be there. I'm currently a mid-intermediate and I'm looking to improve my technique so I can ski more of the mountain (I too would like to be able to handle bumps if I happen upon them )
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