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ski demo at Tremblant

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I am looking to demo slalom skis for a ski race camp I will attending in early December at Tremblant, and was wondering if anyone has recomendations for a shop in Tremblant or St-Jovite were I can demo a variety of manufacturers, slalom skis.
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If you are at Tremblant on December 18 and 19 (a weekend) they are having their "Super Demo Day" event. See http://www.tremblant.ca/events/events.asp

In the base village besides the main parking in the Voyageur lodge there is "Le Ski Shop" and they specialise in race skis. You can test FIS regulation skis. In the old Mont-Tremblant village you have Daniel Lachance, another race boutique. See http://www.daniellachanceskiservice.com/

Of course almost all shops will let you 'rent' demos.

Good luck in your search.
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Do not waste your time at the mtn shops. Do go to Daniel Lachance, or Nord Est. But just to let you know. They do not have race stock skis for demo. They do have the public sales models you can demo only. I'm holding a test there for CADS Dec 2-5. Swing on buy. I'll have some hand made GS and SL skis made by Aldo in Switzerland. You can check them out.
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