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Need help buying some skis.

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A little background I'm 19 and I've been skiing since I was 5 and consider myself a pretty advanced skier, basically I can ski anything I can find in Michigan ability wise. Size wise I'm roughly 160lbs. and around 5'11.
Now I'm joining the Ski Team at my school which is a competetive racing team. I'm looking into buying some Skis to be used only during my races this year, but I've never bought racing skis before and I have no idea about how long they should be or what I should look for in a pair. Can somebody give me some help????
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Others on this board will give you more personal advice. But this publication gives really great reviews of all of this year's gear. There is a GS category that you may be interested in. You have to register at the site, but it's free. The information in the reviews is really great.

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I just wanted to add the two events I'll be competing in are GS and Slalom
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Wow... sooo many options! Only one pair for all disciplines? Plan to specialize in a particular discipline- slalom, GS...? People get pretty fanatical about their racing skis, so I suspect a lively discussion in the making!
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What does your coach say? Has he/she seen you ski? Do they have any "deals" with a particular company? One pair of skis for both events, or are you looking for two pair?
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We don't have a coach its an organization run by students.
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I'm mainly just looking for some advice about length. I've never bought race skis before so I have no idea what lengths I should be looking for.
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If you're serious about competing and participating in sanctioned events, here's an important link for you regarding equipment selection -


You've got some restrictions to consider... if you aren't already aware.
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Okay, since no one has given you driect on forum advice on length i will. I race/run a team within USCSA (the link that was provided). For slalom i ski on 155's, and GS i ski on 182's. I have been considering moving toward the 165 mark in slalom but as i am only 5'7" and 155lbs its is work to ski on a 165cm ski in slalom - especially a race stock ski. If your conference doesnt enforce FIS/USSA rules you should be all set on a 155 - 160 in slalom if you so chose. I would advise you to get a slalom ski now - as your slalom will be VERY hard to learn properly on a GS ski. A good learning ski is the Fischer WC SC (non stock) or the new Elan SX Fusion. Both have a lot of cut on and hold a good edge in a course. If you want a multi purpose GS ski - go toward the Fischer WC RC or the Elan Fusion GX. I dont know if i have those names correct, but they are on both companies web sites. None of the skis i have mentioned so far are 'USSA' legal. Depending on how competative you and your team are you should keep the rules in mind. Most of the guys on my team are on 160 - 165 slalom skis and 180cm+ GS skis. A few of us who are smaller still ski on the 155 - 160 lengths for slalom.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them - or PM me if youd like. I can steer you toward some very inexpensive gear most likely... as well as offer some tips to develop your team.
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ziegler - now that you have the rules... and unlike recreational skiing they are rules... for sanctioned events you'll have to select a ski with a minimum 180cm length if you want to use it in SL and GS. Unfortunately, this puts you at a BIG disadvantage for SL.

If you're not going to ski sanctioned events anytime soon, you don't have to pay attention to the rules. However, if you do plan to move into sanctioned events later, you might find it frustrating to retrain your muscle memory and "instinctive" movements as you change equipment.

It would be a disservice to you to say "get this ski", or "get that ski", but some of the most popular race skis today are the Atomic SL/GS 11, Volkl P60 SC/SG race stock, Rossi World Cup 9S/9X, and Fisher World Cups. Personally I like the Atomics and Volkls, but that doesn't amount to a hill of beans as far as you're concerned.

Your group needs to try to link up with a good race shop and/or local manufacturer's reps and to see about discounts and demos. Good luck and have fun!!

P.S. www.artech.com has good prices on race gear (not skis/bindings). Sounds like Greg can be a big help to you and your team!
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What do you guys think of this for a possible GS Ski
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...1455 308&rd=1
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Originally Posted by Ziegler42
What do you guys think of this for a possible GS Ski
A very good ski and probably the length you want to get started with GS. He's right... a much more solid ski than the retail 9X. However, as a used ski you'll really want to know what it's been through for the past season. Was it only used for on-course races? How many? Training? Free skiing? How many times tuned - edge angles and how much edge left? Sidewalls? Over flexed? What DIN range on the bindings?

It's risky to buy used race equipment, but if it has been well cared for you shouldn't have a problem. At the current price they are a good deal if truly in good condition. If it's at all possible, I'd suggest you start with new equipment. You're going to be "pushing your envelope" and don't need an equipment related failure that causes you to go down at speed. Ask lots of questions before buying used. I'm not sure exactly what bindings are included, but much more than $200-250 and I personally would look somewhere else. At that price, if the bindings are good but the skis not, you basically bought a set of bindings. Make sure you know what bindings you're getting though!
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Originally Posted by medmarkco
P.S. www.artech.com has good prices on race gear (not skis/bindings). Sounds like Greg can be a big help to you and your team!
Sorry, my link was bad-

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