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Late season, Aspen/Snowmass

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I am looking into an Easter trip: March 28 - April 4th.

this is the last week for aspen highlands/buttermilk, while
Ajax/Snowmass stay open till the 11th.

Can I expect the price to lower for the week of 3/28- 4/4?

with window price around $70, any discount really helps.

i know of the buy before Dec 1 deal, but if the prices are going to
drop, then that might not be the best deal.

it seems the prices do usually drop, just not sure when, due to the
two different closing dates.

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If you have a classic pass the price drops to $36, April 1.

If you don't you may want to look at a package. Tour operators will often get better discounts than what will be available to the general public.
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The Denver/Boulder edition of the Gold C book has some coupons for that period for Aspen/Snowmass.
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