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Tahoe Terrain

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Any ideas on how much terrain will be open at places like Northstar, Sugar Bowl, and Sierra by the 1st or 2nd week of December. If possible, what specific lifts/runs??
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That's anybodies guess; we could get a lot more snow between now and then or we could get nothing. Sugar Bowl typically gets more snow than any place but early in the season don't expect much cover on really steep terain anywhere unless we get some real dumps. You know, you can just Google for the ski area web sites and see how much each one has as you get close to December.
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no, the coverage will be good; as long as tahoe doesnt hit a dry spell for a month. they already have a great base down.
you should probably expect 75% of everything open by then, as the problem is really that most places arent fully staffed until peak season, which usually starts mid-december. expect anything off the main lifts or near the base lodge to be open. lifts farthest away are usually last.
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Check out the pictures by "Darkside" on the "Gravity Research Forum"
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Kirkwood, Squaw, Alpine Meadows, Sierra at Tahoe, Boreal are open.

Mt Rose opens main side on Thurs Nov 10th but not the Chutes or the East Bowl as of two days ago.

Heavenly opens supposedly the 19th Nov but perhaps this weekend?? Check the website.
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