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Shuttle from Reno to Heavenly?

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Is there an inexpensive way of getting from the airport in Reno to the Heavenly area? I am planning to stay there for 2 weeksin the middle of December and make good use of my season pass ($299). I hear I can use the local shuttles while in the area and do not need a car. Also, what would be a good place for such an extended stay?
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yeah, there are shuttles that leave on the hour from reno airport to tahoe casinos. search the web and you can find 'em. then you can take the bus to kirkwood+sierra daily.
also, you can search the web and find motels about motel6 quality for $55 a nite near the casinos or pay at least $80 a nite for a casino room. cant remember exactly how i found them but -tahoe shuttles, tahoe motels is probably all you need.
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One bit of warning. At least on the shuttle I took back in March, they clearly state that your reservation does not gaurantee you a specific time. The trip back had way more people trying to get on than seats available. They had waited until the last shuttle that would get them there in time to check in and fly out. Unless you have to wait for the next shuttle that is. The ticket was very clear and they let earlier shuttles pass by. But the driver took a tongue lashing before he could drive off. You could tell he hated every minute of it.

I thought the shuttle service was fine and would use them again. But the lack of reserved times did cause headaches for those that waited too long. Shuttles I have taken in the past were always with a reserved pickup time.

Edit to add:

I used Casino Express
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If you're going to stay in a Motel 6, stay out of the one on South Virginia St.; it's in the news every now and then. The one on Stardust St. on the north side of I-80 is a lot better. It's closer to the north ski areas like Alpine, Sugar Bowl, Squaw, etc. but farther from Heavenly. A popular pizza place a few blocks off of Keystone at 555 W. 5th St. is "JJ's Pie Company". Be careful not to park in the Mexican restaurant's parking which is on the west side of JJ's.
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I used thse guys last year and it worked out fine.
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Scheduled Service from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport:
South Tahoe Express866-898-2463
No Stress Express775-885-7550 or 800-426-5644
Tahoe Casino Express775-785-2424 or 800-446-6128

South Tahoe Express offers 14 departures daily between the Reno/Tahoe International Airport and South Shore Lake Tahoe Resorts: Caesars, Harveys, Harrah's, Horizon, Embassy Suites and Lakeside Inn. Fares are $20 per non resident one way, $36 per non resident roundtrip, $15 per South Shore resident one way, $30 per South Shore resident roundtrip, $10 per child one way (4-12 years old), $18 per child roundtrip (4-12 years old) and free for child 3 and under. South Tahoe Express Welcome Center located at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport is open 7 days a week from 5:30 am to 12:30 am. Reservations are strongly recommended.
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Another thing worth mentioning is trying to get into Reno at a reasonable time (latest I think is 9-10pm). There are no shuttle buses during the night and if you don’t catch the latest run, the next one won’t happen until 6-7 am. If that happens, the long seat in the corner by the South Tahoe Express office is the way to camp in style and comfort
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Thanks to everyone for the input.
We have found that Motel 8 is offering a very good rate (about $38until X-mas), and they have a hot tub. I know I will need one after a full day of hard skiing!
Maybe we can ski together if any of the bears are at Heavenly and looking for company! I am travelling with my wife, but she is not an agressive skier, so usually we ski separately.
Thanks again,
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