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Dynastar Course Length

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At the end of last season I came accross a great deal on some Dynastar Course 66 GS skis, so I bought them. The only thing that concerns me is that I bought the wrong size. The skis are 172 and allot of what I have noticed in the reviews, they are mostly beeing tested on 184's. I live in Michigan and the speed bumps we ski on don't allow us to have much of a GS course so I dont know how much the length will matter.
Would anybody have any info on these skis and lenth I should be skiing? I will leave you with my measurements if that helps.



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bosie - I don't think you will have any instability problems on your new set of "172's" - especially if you lock 'em up and arc true GS turns without skidding them.

However, there might be another problem... if the slope has a decent pitch, you're going to be cruisin' faster than most open run conditions allow before you hit the limits of your skis. If the run isn't roped off, I think you're going to have a bigger collision problem than a stability problem.
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I have this ski in a 172cm & find the same as metioned above. I really don't know too many masters racers skiing it longer than 178 cm. a 184cm would be fine if you were running a true fis gs course, but how many of those do you plan on coming across. Most rec. masters racers seem to be settling into a 175 cm +/- length. Only the really skilled folks can manage a 185 these days with out a ton of skidding. Enjoy the ski you have!!!
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My 188's have become my Super G skis ... They are faster in a wide open GS, but nobody seems to set wide open GS's anymore anyway.

Ditto on the 175 cm +/-
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I bought 01 Dy.GS skis for $9. in 03.Why were they only $9? Because they were 197's.They were in good shape.I fell in love with them.Even though this is a completely ridiculous amount of ski for any "sane" individual to ride on as a free ski.It is just not neccessary.The speeds you hit in free/rec. skiing there is NO difference in stability in any of these in pure "point and shoot" sections..I thought I might like the same ski..try it in a 192..then a 190 race stock(these had a Derb. on..lol..you don't need that on these skis for free/rec. skiing..you need a bit of lift..but yank the Derb.)...going..going..186..LOL..this is a LOT! of ski..I'll buy a pair of 178's next.I am 6' 215.You'll love these 172's!..they are silky smooth and don't like/respond well to being "overskiied"..aggressively.A smooth,gentle touch and enjoy the ride!These will lay down the nicest/easist tracks.They do lack the sheer quickness,strength/bite of a real powerhouse ski..that will show up under very hard snow.You start howling on these and you have to hang onto them..work them.They won't produce that "locked on" "death grip" that can give you that ride..AND toss ya if you snooze.BUT they MORE than make up for it in their smoothness and forgiveness..lol..you can get away with TOO many mistakes/sloppiness on these..sometimes ya gotta concentrate..lol.At least you don't get PUNISHED! for "napping"..nice skis! ENJOY!
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Originally Posted by Woodee
My 188's have become my Super G skis ... They are faster in a wide open GS, but nobody seems to set wide open GS's anymore anyway.
I have a pair of extremely stiff Courses 64, 192 cm. (I suspect the racer who had ordered them found them too much but I got them for some analyses and writing I did for the rep here .) There are no races for such a ski below serious FIS or Continental Cup level. I still race in some regular regional races (FIS-conform skis required) but I never find a race that fast and open to be able to use those skis (softer 185 cm Heads perform beautifully, though).
It was for the first time this summer on a glacier in Austria when there were only four teams and we could set the gates really oper and fast that I fully enjoyed the ski in gates. Just once in two years... Next time =? Maybe next summer? OTOH, it´s a perfect high-speed ski (not an ultimate speed ski, though, since I also have 209 cm super-G Fischers) and one which squeezes everything there´s in you reminding you of your limits and showing who the master of the hill and turn is . You want this?
If you find softer 190, let alone 185 cm too long even for skiing free (no gates), then the choice even as short as 172 cm might be OK. It also depends on other skis you might use. More skis = more specialization possible, just 1 pair = allround character is important.
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Oh, I really wanted to say something like
"... and one which squeezes everything you´ve got out of you reminding you of your limits and showing who the master of the hill and turn is..."
Sometimes you have to tolerate my English. It´s a third language for me and I have little practice now being mostly amidst all those Arnolds and Tonis in the Alps .
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Thanks for all the info that you have given me. I have a more confidence in these skis this season. It sounds like they will be a fun ski. This is going to be my 3rd season racing in Michgan and I am starting to feel my competitiveness show through. My goal this year is to make the top 10 (out of 300). I think these skis are going to give me that edge.

Thanks again.

-stay sharp-

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