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Pet Friendly Advice

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I have a dog, an old Boxer. I've found it difficult to find accomodations that take dogs, especially large ones. And most of those that do request that you don't leave the pet in the room while you are skiing (what's the point to bringing him/her then?). Then there is the added wrinkle of what to do on the last day of your stay, when you have to check out. You can leave bags of course with the font desk, but what do you do with the dog?

If anyone else has encountered this problem, here's some advice:

1.) Just leave the dog in the room and put up a "No Service" sign or tell the desk you don't want room cleaning.
2.) Request a late check out (sometimes there is an added charge).
3.) Try to find a room with a kitchenette so you can eat dinner at the room ... or at least spend a bit more time in the room after leaving the dog all day.

I have so far found one GREAT Inn for a dog ( at Sunapee. The Inn is surrounded by woods that are great for walking a dog. And the pet friendly rooms have two floors, more like a small apartment (or big city apartment).

The great guy in the demo shop at Sunapee also offered to watch my dog in the demo shop while we skied if the hotel wouldn't permit a late check out! How's THAT for cool?!

I hear that there is a pet hotel, owners stay too, in NH called The Lazy Dog Inn (www.lazydoginn), that looks GREAT and is reasonably close to Conway.

If anyone has any other advice, I'd sure appreciate it ... and so would Ol' Rocco.
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There are a few places in Stowe also. I don't have a dog, but I know people who do. They stayed at the Two Dogs Inn one time and the Stowe Motel the other time. If you look, you can find them.
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Marriot resorts allow pets.
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Most Westins are very pet friendly (they even provide a dog bed). For Colorado, check out a book called "Canine Colorado" by CIndy Hirschfeld and published by Fulcrum Press.

Both the Jerome and the Little Nell in Aspen take dogs... at least those with large bank accounts or trust funds!
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Good advice, thanks!

In NH there is also the Village House which is very dog friendly. We stayed there a couple of summers ago. They're in Jackson only a few minutes away from Wildcat and close to North Conway.
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I think the Mt. Sports Inn in Killington is dog friendly. There are probably other B&B's in the area that are too.
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I've also seen quite a few listings on that are pet friendly.
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There's a site: which lists pet friendly lodging in all states. At Sugarbush, the Golden Lion welcomes dogs.
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If you do find a place that allows dogs You might also look into a Doggie daycare type place for that last day of skiing. I would think that most of the places that allow dogs would have a phone number for such a place.
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jeezus. sneak 'em in.
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Try these places. Keep in mind that a dog that is fine at home when you leave them can often not do so well when left in a new place. I work with a dog rescue and see a lot. Good luck!
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Thanks so much for the sites. Yea, doggie daycare is an option for most, but if Rocco was introduced into general population at such a place, I would be left with a busload of litigation from the owners of the poor other creatures at the canine spa. He tends to bring out the best in people, and the worst in other animals.
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Yes, they are our "best friends". Mine was abused and abandoned or ran away so he sticks to me like glue. Fortunately, I take him to work and into most shops and stores. We tried to take him on a trip to Killington to a pet friendly place but he freaked out when we tried to leave the room. I ended up snow shoeing with him for 2 days. When I travel now, he stays back at the setter rescue with 7 other Irish in the owner's home.
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Separation anxiety is a major hurdle with rescued dogs. It's the flipside of the coin of adoration one receives when he/she rescues an animal. Funny that you had to go snoshoeing however! A touch of sacrafice. Roc just chills out and sleeps in the hotel room, but we always try to get a suite or a small apartment, because leaving him in a single room seems cruel. These are all the hidden costs of pet ownership. But it's worth it.
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Whatever Finn wants, Finn gets! The separation issue is much less now. Thank God. Actually, Crating dogs is very effective and preferable for anxiety. The small space with a blanket and some background music or tv is very good. They feel more secure and if they do have a panic attack, they have much less chance to hurt themselves, not to mention your home.
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I suppose to an extent dogs are like people. Each is so different. Roc (wow we are going to bore others by chatting about our dogs!) hated the crate something awful, and when I released him from the confines, he seemed to know it was a furlow, and he never acted up in the house. Except for the one time when he tore a solid wood door to pieces. But other than that incident, he's been perfect since being paroled from the crate. But most dogs like crating, they enjoy their personal space.
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In Rutland, check out the Paw House. They do doggie day care, even on the day you check out.
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It sounds like you are driving to your ski destinations. What sort of vehicle do you drive. I used to bring my dog to the ski area every weekend, and he was a happy camper in the back of our SUV. We could come down to the parking lot a couple of times a day and let him out and play with him for a few minutes. Granted, it helps to have a dog that deals well with cold weather (ours is half husky, half lab). Maybe throw a bunch of blankets in there with him if he gets cold. If you have crate trained the dog, it's even easier. Our dog was crate trained, and sometimes we would take the crate, and leave it open in the back of the SUV. We didn't have kids when we did this, so we kept the back seats folded down. If I were to do it today, we have a 4 door Dodge Dakota pickup with a cap, which would be perfect for the dog.
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