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You can only ski ONE brand Skis/boots/bindings...

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Who is it gonna be?


Choose your poison. Subsidiaries count .
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It's going to be a real chore for the bootfitter though.
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Nordica boots fit me the best. I could almost live with the Nordica line except they have a huge gap between their SUV models with a 70mm waist and the Beast with a 92mm waist. I would have to go with Dynastar/Lange/Look with extensive boot work.
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[quote=Rio]I could almost live with the Nordica line except they have a huge gap between their SUV models with a 70mm waist and the Beast with a 92mm waist.QUOTE]

I'm with you, they need a 77-82mm waisted SUV.
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I'd trade my Volkls to keep my boots

I'm into my Langes & really like Look bindings a lot too. If I had to, I'd trade my Volkls for the Dynastars.

Why? Boots uber alles...

(But, I'm glad I have the choice...)
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Atomic. Even though I never got along with the boards and always hated the old Ess bindings. I'm sure I will love their skis now.

Nordica would be a close second. I logged the majority of my miles in their Grand Prix plug boots, but I haven't been able to fit into their biggest after getting frost bite - 4 times.
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What about Head/Tyrolia?
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I can't fit comfortably into any boots but my Dolomites. I guess I flunk on this one.
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Well, I have to go with Volkl/Marker/Tecnica. That's because I bought a pair of Volkl 5* w/Marker Motion AT bindings this afternoon and a pair of Tecnica Rival X9 boots about a month ago. This is the first time I'll be back on Marker bindings in 12 years...so I'll have to get back to ya on how it works out.
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Probably go with Volkl/Marker/Tecnica (which aren't under common ownership, but anyway ....). What about K2/Marker/Tecnica?
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My top pick is definitely Nordica. My second pick would have to be Salomon (since i used to have a full salomon setup). My third pick would be head. Thier race skis are great and they have boots that fit me well, as well as a very good free ride line. Then maybe rossignol. After that i would chose Fischer i think - although im not totally sold on their race boot. Thats about it for my top brands. I'm not a terribly big dynastar freak, so id probably stay off those. I recall skiing a pair of omeglass 64's back to back with my elans and the elans blew them away. I would say i would like to go with Elan, but i am not terribly familiar with Dolamite boots... although, again, with extansive work they would fit fine... but i dont know if i could locate a plug boot from them.
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I would go vokl, Naxo, boots I dont know.

Vokl makes a pretty diverse line up. Everything from race to powder to park. I have a pair of v-pros and they are my current favorites.

If I had to pick one binding company, It would have to be Naxo- how else could I do AT and still hit the restory hard?
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well salomon that is what i am on know full set up but jsut have to wait to ski one there boots like thee nordica dobies alot better
but salomn skis are better than nordica tos up
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I'd quit skiing. :

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Originally Posted by Bob Peters
I'd quit skiing. :

I share the sentiment but I am not sure I would quit skiing. The great thing about everything being compatible with everything else is it gives you the freedom to chop and choose whatever works best for you. I think integrated skis and bindings is a terrible idea, but any ski company trying to integrate boots and bindings would be very quickly looking at bankruptcy. With boots, your foot shape determines what you will fit and what you will not, but if the boots I fit will determine which brands of skis I can use I will be mighty pissed off.
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Ahh? Well? Let me see? I guess maybe, possibly probably, most likely, I know!

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Originally Posted by pheft
I can't fit comfortably into any boots but my Dolomites. I guess I flunk on this one.
... Dolomite is now a Tecnica Group brand...
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I'm all Salomon so I guess it's Salomon for me. (except the poles)

I have a Salomon foot (yes I've tried many others). Their boots fit me almost perfectly.

I like they way their skis feel underfoot.

I also like atomic skis but the boots just don't grab my feet comfortably.

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Since this is what I currently have, "Volkl/Marker/Tecnica". Who knows what this will be next time I get equipment though. Two years ago it would have been Rossi/Solomon/Solomon.
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Boot would drive it for me, so would have to be...

Icon XT\Marker\Volkl (currently Tecnica\Atomic\Atomic)
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Head/Tyrolia? I knew I would leave someone out, thats why I added "other".

With K2 offering a K2 labled Marker binding, I would guess that would fall under the subsidiary clause.

I need a binding. If I go Raichle/Kneissl, I have Kneissl skis..If I fo Dalbello Kryptons, I have Blizzard skis. Either way, no bindings.

If I had NO option, I am guessing I could work with some sort of Tecnica LVL boot. I Would look to a 5 or 6* at that point.
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Volkl/Marker/Tecnica...... hands down.
Nordica distant second, followed very closely by Atomic.
Not interested in any of the others.

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With my Kneissl Flexons I guess I would have to ditch my Fischer skis and bindings (actually manufactured by TYROLIA) for Kneissl skis and Rave bindings (actually manufactured by FRITSCHI). Or do I ditch my beloved Flexons for Fischer Somatec boots?:

What a difficult question. It underscores the limitations of "systems".
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I actually am a Dynastar / Lange / Look guy for real (meaning, that's what I have and always lean to when I get new stuff).. so I guess that's my answer.
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Stockli... of course! OOPS... sorry not an option.

Well I love my Salomon boots, I could learn to have fun on their skis. 2nd I love Volkl skis and I've been in Technica boots just don't fit as well. With more work I guess I could. I've always been a Marker girl for bindings except when I've been on Tyrolia, Salomon, Look.......

Hmm ..... so glad there are choices still. Why I'm now a Stockli rep.
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Very close, with all the quality skis coming out of Austria and Germany.
Skis: Volkl
Bindings: LOOK
Boots: Lange.
System: Volkl/Marker
The reason that I did not choose Atomic in the "Skis" catagory, is their philosophy regarding and dependence upon systems sucks. GREAT SKIS...Bindings are only OK.
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One brand only?


(even though my current selection has no head items, but if I to accomplish this with one corporation, that'd be my pick as I could use their new boot with the inserts and I have and like their skis)
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Stockli is an opition - accept for boots i guess... They have plates and bindings now (VIST).
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Phil, You really know how to keep this crew entertained during the pre-season!

As for me, I am in the midst of trying to get fitted in Langes, which seem to be the only hope for my emaciated legs and feet. So I guess that means Lange/Dynastar/Look. Atomic boots won't fit me, so I can't go with Volant/Look/Atomic boots. (that's a grouping I think you missed)

I would be willing to try the Head combo. At least I would get HH's approval on the boots... LewBob
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