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Any current instructors available?

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Hi Everyone,

If there are any active instructors in New England, I would love to schedule half-day lessons with you directly. Might as well support members of this board who have been so very helpful.

I have a number of weekends planned at Attitash, Sunday River and Snow. Or I could do a day trip during the week (provided I could sneak out) assuming that works better for you. Though I should say that weekends are easier.

Anyway, let me know if you want my schedule and if you are interested in taking on a client. We could work out a several-lesson package, or do ones'ies. It's entirely up to you.

Private message me, or reply here. Either is fine.
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Welcome to EpicSki--you've come in with a lot of enthusiasm and some great posts already! There are a number of New England instructors here at EpicSki, and I'm sure some of them will respond here in time.

In the mean time, are you aware of the Eastern Tune-Up at Stowe, December 11-12? It's a great opportunity to get to know some of New England's finest and most experienced instructors, and to spend two solid days working on your skiing with some of the more enthusiastic skiers at EpicSki. Click on the link above and check out the brochure and enrollment information, and go to the EpicSki Instructional Ski Camps forum for discussion about this and other great EpicSki camps. On the brochure, you'll see a list of the coaches for the ETU, most of whom are from New England. That should give you a great start in your search for a good instructor in your area. PM some of those guys, and you won't be disappointed!

One of the greatest things that has arisen from the discussions here at EpicSki is these live, on-snow camps. Since the first EpicSki Academy at Brighton, Utah, in 2002, EpicSki has presented what I honestly believe are the very best ski programs, and also the best values, offered in the United States today, bringing in some of the top coaches from across the country. And you can get to know these coaches, along with other avid skiers and students, online here in the forums.

Join us at Stowe!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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What a brilliant Idea! We have a room booked at attitash that weekend, but it's easy enough to change. Maybe my wife will want to take a separate course, and that way I can combine your good advice with another member's and take lessons ... without my wife! Thanks again!!!
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Absolutely! If I didn't mention it, the Eastern Tune-Up in Vermont, as well as the EpicSki Academy in Montana and the Front Range Fall Workshop in Colorado, are for skiers of every ability level. While there are some common themes for all levels, we'll form small groups of compatible skiers to make sure you focus on your own needs. We've had a number of couples attend the camps, sometimes in the same groups, sometimes not. That way you can take lessons with her--and without her--at the same time!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hi Bob,

Do you have any such programs at American Ski Co. mountains? I bought their season pass this year.

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The only East Coast EpicSki event planned for this season at the moment is the Eastern Tune-Up at Stowe. Stowe proved such a great host mountain and resort last year that we couldn't resist returning. But growing up in Maine, Sugarloaf was my home mountain, and I'd love to do something there sometime. I haven't skied Sugarloaf, or any of the ASC resorts, in many years.

Keep in mind that these events have all originated from requests and ideas formed here in the forums--just like yours! So, no promises (a lot depends on the resort itself, and on getting enough interest to make it work), but name the resort....!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I prefer Sunday River to Sugarloaf, but mostly because of proximity. Sugarloaf is a LONG way away from Boston. But I still may do the Stowe weekend. I could use some alone time!
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Sugarloaf is a LONG way away from Boston
Yes, but once you get there, that becomes one of Sugarloaf's best features! You can be pretty smug schussing the snowfields of Sugarloaf, knowing that your friends are waiting in line at Killington....

Best regards,
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Hey Rotofury;

The Loaf is one of the only things I miss about living in Boston. {aside from being there for the Sox victory } Boston Ski and Sports Club does some bus trips out there. You get a 2-hour lesson at no extra charge.
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Active ski instructors generally only provide lessons through their current ski schools. I'm sure you'll find folks at your favorite mountains if you look in the ski pro listing here or ask for referrals.

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I could not "find" the Ski Pro List. Pro working at Killington Dec. 5,
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Hi Ritski--

The Ski Pro list is here. You can also find it by starting with the "Training Center" in the "Focus" section on the EpicSki Home page.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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If you do make it to Sugarloaf (I don't think it's that much farther than Sunday River) take a private with Mark Robey. I find him very helpful and positive. I have learned a lot from him.
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I am surprised that this thread is going as far as it is. Is the poster aware that any instructor on staff at any resort will be fired for direct bookings of lessons! .
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lwren, thats not entirely correct...

Yes, to teach "under the table", "underground" , or to "privateer" would certainly invite dismissal from just about any area. But in fact, to book a lesson and run it through the respective ski school is perfectly acceptable and extremely common among pro's at the upper levels. It can even have a positive influence on the instr's pay, due to the request nature of the lesson!

I, for one, am on what we refer to at Vail as "self-scheduling". What that means, is if I don't book it, I don't teach it. As my schedule changes very often and very quickly, the school can not keep up with what I'm doig. Therefore, I am responsible for maintaining my own schedule. But everything is routed through the school.

On the other hand, as has been discussed in several older threads, if an instr is invited to teach at a hill other than his place of employment, all bets are off, and the market is wide open. But then the instr becomes liable for a myriad of issues- from disability, to negligence, and so forth. Not advisable if you can't handle the risk level.

So- provided rotofury is willing to book through an instr, but pay through the school, then it's clean. But to encourage any pro to go "underground", well, the risks are much greater than the rewards.
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Mark Robey--wow, there's a name from the past! I haven't seen Mark Robey for probably 15 years, at least. I used to train whitewater guides for one of Maine's biggest outfitters, and Mark went through our training program. I do remember that he was a ski instructor as well, but I have never skied with him--I was always off to Colorado before the snow started flying. Glad to hear he's still at it--he was (and I'm sure he still is) a great guy--fun to be around, competent, and dedicated to learning. I've got to think he would be an excellent instructor, especially now with fifteen more years experience. He should be one of the senior instructors on Sugarloaf's staff, I would think.

Please tell Mark I said Hi! I'm sure he'll be as surprised to hear my name as I was to hear his!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Originally Posted by lwren
I am surprised that this thread is going as far as it is. Is the poster aware that any instructor on staff at any resort will be fired for direct bookings of lessons! .
No the poster isn't aware of the specific rules; however, he posted this message for people on the board who may be instructors or past instructors who happen to be going to the same mountain as the poster on the same days, and would be willing to work with the poster to help him in exchange for a pecuniary gift.

Now the poster has learned that this approach is referred to as "underground" and therefore is ill advised. However, the poster only intended to support his fellow board members. Nonetheless, perhaps a fellow member is an instructor at a mountain that the poster frequents, in which case, the poster and the instructor could plan lessons through the mountain, in which case neither the poster nor the instructor would be violating any rules.

Further, as a direct result of this post, the poster received information about the ETU, which the poster has elected to participate in. Therefore, the poster is confident that there was value derived from his post.
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Mark supervises the snowboard coaches (my husband is one) now and usually teaches snowboarding. A lesson with him is fun-- something that was often missing from my attempts at becoming a better skier. I'll tell him you said hi.
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