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Mounting of demo bindings

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I recently purchased K2 Axis (188) demo skis with tyrolia demo bindings. I'm a tall skier with large boots and I had to remount the heel. The toe location was fixed by a factory mark on the skis. I feel that I am too far back on the ski and when I compared binding settings with a Rossi Bandit (same size) my toe was 2 inches further back. Any comments or suggestions??
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I noticed about the same when comparing my binding mount for my 191 Bandit XX with my 188 Axis X. I use a size 28 shell & there was about a 1 1/2 inch difference. K2 has stuck to mounting skis via a toe mark instead of the midboot mark almost every other ski manufacturer uses. It is interesting that whenever I demoed the Mod X or Axis X the shops used bindings with a moveable toe so you weren't sticking to the toe mark. Now that I have my own pair mounted to K2 specs I have found I need to keep my stance more forward than I remembered while demoing.
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It would be interesting to know what boot size K2 specs the ski for when they set the toe location and if the boot size varies with the ski size.
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k2 has not used a toe mount position on its retail skis for a couple of years........
Their race stock skis are toe mounted.
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Assuming these are race stock skis and I'm using them for recreation would it be detrimental to move the toe forward 1 to 2 inches?? By the way the skis also seem to chatter alot which I also have attributed to the weight being carried on the back of the ski. Any comments?
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The Axis is not a race ski so there is not a race stock version.
94cm from the tail is the toe mount position for a ski of 188cm, but unless these skis are a few years old, then any factory mark on them is a midsole mark.
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OK I'm confused. The skis were said to be one year old demos. I got them this year and the mark says to "mount toe here"; I've either been duped into believing they were one year old, by the way they are in excellent condition, or we have some kind of disconnect. Can Lift1 tell me exactly what year the change took place? I appreciate the input.

Now if indeed the toe is in the right location, I'll check the distance tonight, is anybody aware of what size boot is the standard when that toe location is set.
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Describe the ski.
Colour: Is it solid yellow with a bit down the middle the colour of a trout's skin? Or is it Red & yellow? (or something else?)
Does it have the electronics in it? (i.e. a black circle at the front, and when you flex it a red light flashes?)

I have the Axis X Pro, which I bought last year. I'll check the mounting mark on them. I have drilled up K2s over the last few years, and some had a toe mark, some had a midpoint. (plenty of horror stories in the industry about people lining the jig up with the wrong mark : ).

I'll post in a few hours when I've checked my own ones, and I'll see if they have anything on the K2 dealer site.

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Your skis were not made within the last year if you have the "mount toe here" imbossed on ski.
Skis may have only been mounted up and used for a year, but not made in the last year.
If they are in "great shape", then they are in great shape regardless of age.
You did ski them before you bought them, right?
Were they re-tuned after you skied them and before you picked them up?
Doesn't matter what size boot....... 280mm or 345mm, mount toe here means mount toe here.......
If they were sold to you as 2001-2002 goods, then you were duped.
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If you could post a picture of it, then we give you a better idea. Most of the Axis range only came out last year, which would tie in with them saying it was a year old, then the question would be did you buy a US or a Chinese K2?
I wouldn't make lift1's blanket statement about ski mounting points without knowing exactly what ski it is.

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The US Axis X Pro of last year had a mid boot graphic line across the top of the ski, but, in the good old fashioned way of doing it, had the length embossed on the side in such a way that the first character, i.e. the 1 of 181 or 188 is at the toe.
Not sure about the Axis, though,

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If you've got demo bindings then just play with the location til it feels comfortable. If you don't know how to move the toe & heel, go into any shop and they can show you how to slide 'em forward & back and check for proper forward pressure. Takes less than 30 sec to do. No need to adjust the DIN, this should be a quick fix. Pay no attention to any marks on the ski, YOUR comfort is all that matters.
I ski my XXXs almost a full inch forward of the midpoint in all conditions and I love 'em! When I'm centered I feel like I can't get outta the back seat. This to me is the huge advantage of demo bindings. If I had normal fixed toe bindings I wouldn't have found MY sweet spot.
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