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Atomic R11 vs R10

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I'm seeing a lot of deals today on shops clearing out last years Atomic R10 and R11 skis. The prices are amazing, $340 for the R10 and $390 for the R11 (and those are Canadian dollars). I'm currently skiing in the Atomic Beta race carve 9.20 and love the ski. But I have just moved from the East to the West so I'm looking for a more all moutain ski like the R series. I'm 5'10'' and 210 lbs and have skied all my life.

I've heard of people actually bending the R11 (due to the Titanium sheet) and that the R10 will be a little snappier and responsive. I've always skied a full blown race ski (until the 9.20s) but at 41 yrs of age, I may be looking for something with just a little less stiffness. Does anyone have any advice on how the R10 and R11 compare? Appreciate the feedback.
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The R's will not be as quick edge to edge as the 9.20. But by saying that the difference to the R11 is not a great difference. So don't worry. I would say your better off with the R11. I think the R10 may be a bit softer and slower then what your used to. It may to big of a difference. For you I think the 180cm might be the way to go. I normally like to go shorter but in your case I think the 180 is where you'll have the most fun.

I will be interested to see if others feel that way.

8 years ago I was on the Dynastar G9 GS race ski. in 203cm then went to the K2 Four in 188cm. Then to the Volkl G30, G31, G3 and Atomic 10EX all in 177cm or 178cm, also still have Atomic 10.20 in 170cm now on the AX3 in 170cm. I just turned 50. That may be a look into your future. I find the AX3 and the G3 to give a better ride the Atomics. I figured that out two years ago while riding on my sons R11's.
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The R10 is softer flexing, easier to skid, more suited to soft conditions. The R11 rewards better technique on harder snow at higher speed. Your pick. 180 should be ok for your weight.
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