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Hi, paging through this month issue of SCI magazine I have "stumbled" upon
a full page ad showing what it seems a knee brace.
The name it goes by is YUBEST RACE TITANIUM from
4utrading, their site is but alas there in nowt apart the front page.
What is new is that it comes in pair.
IT looks very alike to the SL protection that races use plus an upper piece which fits the tight. The two parts (lower and higher) are hinged, more or less at the knee level.
1) Is this device going to be really useful? or it's goingto be the next fad?
2) Is it not reducing the knee mobility? After all the knee has not only one degree of mobility (front back) , there is, albeit very limited, some reight left movement (in conjunction with ankle and hip)...
Sorry that I can't provide images.
Any thought?