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Atomic SX11, Supercross B5 or Metron B5

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I have old Salomon Accendo Series Skis which are still quite ok for me but fairly old, long and do not work well in loose snow. I tried Atomic SX11 1.5 years ago for a couple of days and liked them very much. Now finally i think i will buy new skies.

However, there seem to be some newer Atomic models which sound interesting as well: The Supercross B5 and Metron B5. Has anyone real life experience on these?

I like to ski on hard, conditioned slopes, very fast, giant slalom type of skiing. I am pretty lousy skiier in powder, loose snow, off piste. Partly because my current gear does not fit it at all (very long skis, quite narrow etc). I am looking for skies that are excellent on hard slopes, in giant slalom type of skiing, but would like to better cope with lots of new, loose snow and even occasionally off piste. SX11 seemed to work considerably better than my old ones.

Key questions in my mind right now: Differences between Supercross B5 and SX11? Would the Metron series (B5) suit my purposes?

Any hints?
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I demoed the Metron B5 this year in August. I didn't like them at all. They were so heavy - usually I love that as I'm quite a big guy - but they were crazy. Actually, I didn't think much of this year's Atomics, but I loved the old models. Go figure.

Loved the Elans though. I demoed the 555, 666 and 777. Loved the latter two. However, for what you are after - I recommend the Fisher RC4 Race SC. Brilliant ski!
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Originally Posted by Alamaki
Any hints?
There's a "Ski Gear discussion" http://forums.epicski.com/forumdisplay.php?f=7 and "Consumer gear review" http://forums.epicski.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12 section where people normally talk about gear (in fact it's likely this post will give moved there). Also try the search function at the top of the page.

Welcome to Epicski.
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I own the SX11 and have skied on the other skis mentioned.

I thought that the Supercross B5 was a very good ski. It is very different to the SX11 though so you may want to demo this ski and the SX11 on the same day to compare properly. The developments that Atomic have made with the new B5 chassis compared to the B4 give it a significantly different feel.

As for the Metron B5. Well, I thought it was a very average ski. Didn't like it at all. The slalom side cut in a ski that big just doesn't work for me. Obviously I wouldn't buy a pair but you may like them.
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I just bought a pair of SX11s for hard snow skiing. Also have a pair of Volkl 5 Stars which are more versatile for softer snow. Also considered the SX B5s but went with the proven ski. Maybe I will look at it in the next season or two if the technolgy and geometry proves itself. This years SX11 is slightly lighter than last years model.

Much of my skiing is fast skiing on hard, groomed runs. The Volkl 6 Star is also comparable to the SX11 but with a different feel. Went with the Atomic just to have some variety. The 5 Star has proved to be fairly versatile even in powder up to a foot or so.

Bought the SX11s in 170cm but ski the 5 stars in 182 for additional float. I would buy this years 5 Stars in a 175 as they have been beefed up a bit.
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Atomic's SX series...

I looked at the 11's, but it seemed a waste to me. I purchased the Sx-9's and have been so happy. The extra in price would have been sooooo a waste. The boots that complement the skiis have been just as good as well. People said it was for a wide foot. I have an avg. to narrow foot, and the control was just fine. Plus the pre-wired boot for heat was nice. And the reason I bought the ski is that I'm an Eastern skier. Its be nice to lie and say I ski on power all day, but there is so much crud it isn't even funny. If you want a ski that will not only perform on a good day, but in the sh*ttiest of conditions, go with the SX. Addam
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Bought SX11

Thanks for your replies everyone...

I actually just bought SX11. Based on your comments, my own experience with SX11 and other people's comments on my choices, it looked the best choice to me.

Just can't wait for the snow to come...
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Look into the Atomic M10. Much funner ski than the B5
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