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Cupolo Sports & Ebay

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I am writing this to say that Cupolo filed negative comments about me in my feedback on ebay, which is absolutely absurd, since I completely held up my part of the bargain. I recently listed some tires for sale and found the only negative comment in my profile to be from the fools at Ccupolo. He just didn't like being called on the carpet due to his non-performance of his obligation so he filed negative comments about me on Ebay!

As many of you know Cupolo Sports took my money for a pair of 180cm Atomic R11 Beta-Puls that they did not have at the time they auctioned them off. I immediately paid the Buy it Now (Full price) and paid them dierctly from my checking account instantly with Paypal. After 3 weeks I received no correspondence nor the skis. when I called I got the run around and never was called back. When I called again, they gave me some story about the skis being in the next week, but the gal I talked to didn't seem beliveable.

After Scalce and I posted our dissatisfaction with their mode of operation, we both got nasty replies from Jay.

He backed out of our contract for the skis and without my permission nor notice credited my money back to my Paypal account and in the same email said he was going to offer me 2005 Metrons of some flavor, but decided to just give me my money back. I was getting these skis for a friend and did not want M:EX or any metron. He specifically wanted the R11.

Quite honestly, I was quite satisfied at this point since I really no longer wanted to do business with them. I dropped the whole issue and made no negative comments on Ebay about them. Jusst chalked it up to experience.

The item has been removed, because I didn't contest Cupolo's renigging on the transaction. Consequently, this forum is the only avenue I have to warn people about the ridiculous way these guys do business.

Over & out! Buyer beware!
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Well I am still waiting to receive a significant amount of my credit even after Jay said he did refund all of my money.

I had to send him a breakdown of costs just to show him what he charged me.


If you have any doubts just take a look at the comments on Ebay.


Look what he wrote about me and my wife.

items not correct-still waiting for credit-dishonest-gave fake tracking info
Buyer jscalcio ( 15) Nov-03-04 13:20 7103033602

Reply by cupolosportssale: this guy & his wife are nut jobs.Good luck to anyone who has to deal with them!!

This guy is hilarious.

It's funny that all of my other Ebay transactions were great.

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Nice..after this site pretty much banishes talk of a business conducting it's affairs this way..(I'm sure that made Cupolo VERY HAPPY!.) LOOKS ALSO like "license" to pull a stunt like this.Guess they felt that NOW you/this site was silenced..it was "time" to sneak this in.

Nice work Cupolo!
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I have been pleased with my dealings with Cupolo, first of all. Secondly, doesn't PayPal offer purchase protection for instances like this? Is it possible to get your money back through PayPal and just boycott Cupolo aferwards? Not to excuse what they have done, but doesn't PayPal and SquareTrade offer means to settle disputes like this?
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My initial purchase was using PayPal but then they said it would be easier to pay for the second pair using a credit card since I was already on the phone with them.

I am obviously going to have the credit card deny payment since Cupolos doesn't track their charges in an orderly manner.
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Cupolo filed negative comments about me in my feedback on ebay
I dropped the whole issue and made no negative comments on Ebay about them.
I read most of your threads until they were locked....Twice!. You raked Cupolo over the coals pretty good on Epic. You claim you made no negative comment on Ebay about Cupolo, but the link you provided is feed back to Cupolo with YOUR negative feedback against them, and their response. Jay merely RESPONDED to your negative feedback against him on EBAY. You pulled no punches calling him essentially calling him a bumbler, thief, and liar.
Your feedback:
items not correct-still waiting for credit-dishonest-gave fake tracking info
There is NO negative feedback against "jscalcio". You still have 100% positive feedback of 17 transactions. Your feedback is here: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAP...1&frompage=222
When you leave someone negative feedback, it seems predictible they will respond with a defensive comment and leave similar feedback for you.

The business appears to have problems, but does not appear to be wantonly dishonest, and they do sell a lot of skis at heavy discount. You didn't end up with what you wanted, but were made whole. Again, Cupolo has no means of defending themselves on this site. You should let it go. Sorry you guys couldn't work it out better. I'm going skiing. 2-feet of fresh today!

(edited spelling and duplicate word)
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First of all I did not start this thread. I only started one thread that was locked.

Secondly I was not going to leave any feedback at all until yesterday when after repeated attempts to get my credits, I was not contacted back by Jay. You are pulling quotes that are months apart.

I don't think that saying that I am a "nutjob" is a rational response for me posting negative comments that were true.

I posted my feedback to show that I am not a difficult buyer. All I ask if for respect, professionalism, and the product that was listed.

If you look at Cupolos feedback, someone else also put comments in that they gave him fake tracking info and that they got the wrong item.

Out of respect for AC I am not posting anymore on this thread.

He has been trying to help me get my credits but I still have not received them.

I think what he did to A-Man is really crappy.
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My mistake, Atomicman, please accept my apologies. My comments quoted above were mixed up between Atomicman and Scalce and have nothing to do with Atomicman. As far as I know Atomicman left no negative feedback, and on further review, I was unable to locate the comment objected to. You guys are really too good for this nonsense.

I'm still going skiing.
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Those of us that have had problems with Cupolos, I recommend filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of South Central Ontario. And for the eBay customers, I would also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau here (www.bbb.org) as Cupolos has a warehouse in Niagra Falls, NY. I guess we'll see if the CBBB or the BBB thinks we're nutjobs!


100 King Street East
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 1A8

Telephone: (905) 526 -1111 (10:00am - 4pm EST)
Fax: (905) 526-1225

e-Mail: info@thebbb.ca
Website: www.thebbb.ca

Online Reports: www.thebbb.ca/bbbrreport.php
File a Complaint Online: www.thebbb.ca/complain.html
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Thank you very much for this post. I am shopping for skis and Cupolo was on my list of places to shop because their prices are great. I'll proceed with caution.

As an FYI: I've been dealing with another ebay vendor called sportsliquidator. I have to say, these are some of the best guys I've dealt with. I haven't bought skis yet because I am still trying to figure out what I should by, but when I decide, I very much hope that sportsliquidator carries the model because they are truly a company that I would be happy to give my business to.
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In the "putting in a good word for the deserving" category, I bought two pairs of skis last year on eBay from a seller named "snowandwater" they were terrific, as were the skis and the prices.

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Don't rile scalce---please!!---didja get a load of those knives?
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