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Anyone hit Wengen Switzerland?

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Gonna take off for Wengen in late January for a 10 day ski trip. Have had recommendations on where to ski...anybody been there that can recommend a good place to stay?
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A long, long time ago.

Basically, you have the junfrau ski area in the center (they have a train as a lift- pretty cool), and then two smaller areas on either side with I think a bit more gnarly terrain (cant vouch for it since I havnt skiied there).

I would say the coolest place to stay is vengen- its big enough to feel like a real town, but it still has no roads to it. I dont remember the name, but we stayed in a great place that was just to the left of the lift (the one that goes into wengen). At the time it was dirt cheap because the lift was broken- but Im sure it would be fixed by now.

Overall, a great place to go skiing
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I took my family at Christmas 2000. The Wengen web site wengen.com has accommodations. We rented a small 2 bedroom chalet called Tangeli - or something like that - it was very reasonable. (But those were the good old days when the $$ was strong. Now the US dollar is weak relative to the Swiss franc.) The resort is beautiful - no cars. The views are spectacular. The snow coverage was only so-so, however. I remember one of my last runs was from Wengen to Grindelwald. I missed the last gondola back so I had to take the train back to Wengen from Grindelwald and it was a wonderful train trip.
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I was there in February. The skiing is pretty good and for 10 days you'll want to do the whole area. Just don't take the long wonderfull run to Grindelwald until the crowds at the Manlichen thin out, and get in the left hand line if they haven't.

You'll want to see "The Eiger Sanction" and "Downhill Racer" before you go and any footage of the Lauberhorn DH. Also in "Her Majesty's Secret Service"

Newf (Jealous dog)
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Sweet! Since this town is "no car" are most of the places "ski in"?
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Rd2ski, 7page thread here.
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Ah...very nice comprex thx!
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http://wengen.com/fewo/list4.html - here's the page with some Wengen accomodations.
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There's a lot of info on Wengen on www.snowheads.com. I was told last year by an industry person that Wengen is a late season place and not the best in January. You might consider Saas Fe or Zermatt as an alternative.
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I've heard that too John...but I've got back to back ski trips around then so it's the only time I can go. I can always hit the glacier! I've never been to Saas Fe, but Zermatt I have. Frankly I'll be psyched just to be back skiing in Europe
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Just wanted to second www.snowheads.com there is a guy who posts regularly from Wengen 'D Orf ' I think, and Im sure he'll be happy to give you a few ideas.
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Lol...yea he is like the resident expert on Wengen. He has been really helpful. I'm think a couple ppl here are also "snowheads".
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A few of us around! D G O's the man for Wengen though ... but if you need any advice on France
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