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I have disappointing news for the participants at this year’s EpicSkiAcademy. Our highly esteemed and popular coach, Weems Westfeldt, can’t make it this year, due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict with his work at Aspen. Weems is going to tell us more in a post to this thread.

We thought about finding a clone, but soon abandoned that idea as impossible. The good news is Weems will be back next year, and we have to congratulate him on the early success of his new Diamond Sessions program at Aspen.

(I posted this notice at the EpicSki Instructional Camps forum as well...)
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Who will his replacement be, or is one unneccessary?
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We have an Ace in the hole that we'll play if numbers permit...
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I was looking forward to skiing with you again Weems Guess I'll have to make someone else's eyes bleed this year:
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Chris, I believe we're going to make your eyes bleed this year...
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Not a chance, Nolo!

As always, I will be equipped with my peril sensing sunglasses and I just outfitted my camera with a similar filter:
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Hi Folks!

Well, I blew it. My scheduling skills are comparable to Napolean's timing of the invasion of Russia.

This is no one's fault but mine, and I apologize.

However, say it Ahhrnie!, "I'll be back."

I really love this event and it's important to me to be involved as long as it is useful to participants. In the meantime, I'll be back on the forum and looking forward to visiting as usual.

At this point, Nolo told me that you probably don't need a replacement with the signups, but we have some possibilities. However, I'm hesitant to give their names, because usually when I do that, they like the replacement much better than me! It's part of my effort to search for my own dispensibility, downward mobility, and personal irrelevance!

Best to all of you.

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