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Snowbird opening day gameplan

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I'm sure it's gonna be a zoo, so would anyone be willing to share a blueprint for how they'd ski the mountain to maximize the fresh, and lose the crowds?

Otherwise I'm sure I'll latch on to some grizzled old local, but I'd like to have a clue as to where to find the goods.

And fear not locals, I'm 2600+ miles away, don't worry about me bogarting the stash, and if you don't want to post in the open, PM me.

I'll have extra lift tix as part of my package too, so good info could potentially be rewarded!!

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Opening Gameplan

Looks like the locals are at their ski shops or already in line for the tram at Snowbird. Did anyone share some info via PM?

How steep and deep do you want for the first run of the season? If you opt for the tram first, then you have to choose from The Cirque ridge runs (steepest), Gad Valley (steep), Baldy Traverse (great options that unfortunately terminate back at the base area zoo), or go back to the Mineral Basin.

My experience at Snowbird was that the terrain and trees to skiers left of the Gad II chair hide most of the locals powder stashes. I have also found that on epic powder days, the upper mountain routes on any mountain get skied out quickly so some of the best untracked is ignored by everyone heading to the summit. Snowbird has the unique quality of serious steeps on the lower part the mt. and therefore excellent powder skiing is there from the opening bell.

Here's my plan: Dawn at the tram line. Down the Cirque ridge to the Gad Chutes just past Regulator Johnson. Summit again via the chairlift, then pick an untracked line in Mineral Basin. Back to the summit, to something in the Gad Valley down to the Gad II lift. Skiers left from the top of Gad II and just explore until the line there gets too full. Now on to the Peruvian Chair for some more tracks. Protein Bar. Summit via the 2 chairs, and ski the Baldy side perimeter at least once. Tram and now you'll have skied and eyeballed most of the mountain sections. That's as far as I can go with a gameplan.

Skiing on "zoo days" means skiing your primary summit objective routes first, then heading to mid or lower mountain trails while everyone is fighting to get to the summit slopes.

To get the very best experience (if $ is not an issue), book a private ski lesson for the morning. I know you don't need a lesson... a private guide and line cutter would be awesome. No matter what though, I hope you'll post a review for everyone and be able to share some of the stashes with me before I go out there in January. Have a great trip!
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Mineral Basin is not open. 3 lifts operating. Tram, Wilbere, Gadzoom.
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Originally Posted by Marty
Mineral Basin is not open. 3 lifts operating. Tram, Wilbere, Gadzoom.
No Little Cloud?
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Liars!! Don't believe what you read. Snowbird has no powder.

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Geez, thanks for that outpour of help fellow bears.

Don't worry though, I figured it out.
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