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Only one pair of skis, East and West

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I'm looking at getting a new pair of skis before I head west for vacation later this winter. I hope to demo these if possible but ohio is not always the best place to demo skis, anyway I'm looking at the volkl 724 exp, elan s666 and the saloman hot. I enjoy skiing glades and boot deep powder, but also ski groomers with my wife and daughter. I'm 5'11" and 175lbs. advanced skill level,any infomation will be very helpful. Thanks
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All good skis but of the 3 mentioned I like the Volkl 724exp. Look at the K2 Apache Crossfire.

You really need to demo as all of these are good skis but they are quite different and experiencing them first hand before investing is the best way.

Think about where you ski the most....east or west. Some the the skis like the Volkl 724exp or the Volkl 5* are both very versatile. The 724s will be better out west but the 5*s better on eastern snow. I ski the 5*s and found them to be very good in most conditions, even up to a foot or more powder. Not a powder ski but skied it well....better than any straight ski I ever owned except true fatboys. Most ski lines have comparable skis to the Volkls.

Demo, demo demo.
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I'd go with the 724 or maybe take a look the Rossi B1. The Solly is also a good choice but only if you need a binding too! If you can find the 724EXP flat... no rails or Piston Motion crap! And I can't believe I'm saying it but, maybe give the new Atomic Metron line a look?! The 10 is a nice looking ski for both regions and comes with a universal plate. Whatever way you go, enjoy!
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I ski 30 to 55 days on the Colorado front range mostly at the Mary Jane side of Winter Park and A-Basin (bumps, trees, steeps, and crusiers). I like the K2 XP (Apache Recon this year) as an all around ski for soft snow days. If you are under 180lbs anything 70mm or wider is fine out here in Colorado up to 1.5ft of snow. I had a great day on my K2 Axis-X (my bump day ski) skis at steamboat 2 years ago in 1 to 1.5 ft of new snow before I got my XPs. I demoed the 724 Pros and decided they were not versitile enough for my tastes (I weigh 165 lbs). I might have liked them more if I were only skiing the open bowls at Vail for instance. Your choice really comes down to whether you do mostly long turns in open terrain or ski terrain that requires quicker turns in tight spaces. In my experience you are better off with an all mountain ski that can turn in tight spaces. It is easier to make long turns with that ski than make tight turns with a ski designed for long turns (except for slalom type skis).
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