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planning biz trip...

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OK, planning a biz trip/conference for corporate folks coming in from all points, maybe 20-25. Any suggestions on best location? I was thinking Park City, Big Sky, Vail. Access must be easy and have varied terrain for different levels.
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Park place has better access and more variety that Utah.....
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Hey Finn...I actually have biz packages set up (lodg/lift/equip/lesson). My first Vail one is already full but have another one if Feb. The biz packages also include meeting rooms and catered lunches, etc (ie you don't have to do much arranging). Plus I meet my group on the mountains to make sure everything is taken care of. If the one up there doesn't suit your needs and you'd like a "custom build" one, I can do that too.

Good Luck!

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I agree, Park City is amazing. It's such a wonderful place. Trails running right into town square, lifts running over main roads. However, if your business associates drink, I'd suggest you pass on Park City. It's really weird when it comes to booze. We got kicked out of one place because a member of my party ordered a mixed drink, let it sit for a few moments, then ordered a shot. He poured the shot into the mixed drink. We were told he was consuming two ounces of alcohol in one glass, which is against their kooky laws. So we had to leave. It was our FIRST drink!
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