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OVO or Giro Helmets?? Opinion / Review please.

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My Boeri Shorty is needing replacement. The shell is like new, but the liner is getting ratty after 120 days of use / sweat. I'm looking at the Giro Flint and OVO Titan Carbon, leaning toward the OVO. Have you checked either of these helmets out? What do you think? The Shorty fits me great,only gripe is, just doesn't vent well enough. I've got the classic American oval cranium versus European round skull, hence the good fit in the Shorty. I appreciate your insight, thanks! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I think any helmet can get to be pretty hot and stuffy, which may or may not be a good thing depending on when and where you ski. I think choosing a helmet is all about fit . If it's not comfortable you won't wear it, and it might not be positioned right when you actually need it. I have a giro and I like it a lot (can't remember the model right now) ... oh it think it might be called the ravine. I've got some pretty bulky dreadlocks so it was hard for me to find a helmet that fit. My head is also definately more oval than round and I found boeri helmets to be way too round, but I'm not familiar with the model you have. My parents got it for me for christmas and it was tough to stuff on over my hair, so it took it back to the shop to compare the fit with all the other big helmets I could find, and after the comparisson I realized that nothing fit my head quite as well. Haven't banged my head yet so I can't speak on the protection aspect. My advice? Try them both on and don't forget to bring your googles. Maybe you could run around the shop to see if you can feel some good airflow over your head. That might work... or just make you look crazy. Anyway good luck.
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Str8 , I'm going into my second season with an OVO bucket ,one thing I was concerned about was the obvious lack and size of venting . Well let me confirm that you need not be concerned , I ended up having to plug off more than leave open . The thing drafts like crazy and never once was it to warm , way cooler than anything else I've put on this melon.
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I use a Giro Nine Helmet. I like it just fine, it fits me though and thats the most important thing. I have hit my head on a rail once and it still hurt, but the helmet seemed to do its job of keeping me from a concusion. Also I had a friend who thought it would be funny to hit my head into the wall of our hotel room when on a ski trip once. Besides a white spot from the paint it did good there too. One bad thing is my goggles don't fit with it! The ones I originally bought to go with the helmet I traded with my friend for a smaller pair, but they don't fit and I get this annoying helmet gap thing going on. *sigh* I guess its time for new goggles.
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I've had the Giro ravine for a couple of years now-tried everything on the market at the time and that fit the best. It's cracked (from gates?) so time to get a new one. I've loved the giro but I'm not sure the new ones fit the same way. I like the ovo too.
It's definitely all about what fits best. (just don't get black 'cause they're hot)

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