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Hey, what do you think about Head?

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heheheh, knew that would get your attention...

seriously though, I go into a shop this weekend to price Atomic 9.2s, and the salesperson was RAVING about Head cyber World Cups....and im thinkin, HEAD? you gotta be kidding me! almost had me convinced though, im at least going to demo some. any thoughts on comparing the two skis?
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Oh, Linda, Linda! You are so sly! You're in advertizing, I take it? If not, perhaps you should consider it.
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allright, so its an old joke. It still works though, espesially this early in the morning!!!

seriously though, the SKIs, what do you think of the SKIS?
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That was great. I am laughing so hard.

I have no idea, about the skis. Although it does seem they are making a come back (just hear a lot more about them than I used to).
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Folks in our ski school who got to demo those last spring almost had to be strongarmed to get the skis back for someone else to try. The consensus seemed to be the skis just wanted to turn, turn, turn, so they made it easy. We were having afternoon wet snow frozen hard the next morning, so they seemed to handle that range of condition.
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Hi Linda,

My racing Mentor is affilated with Head and last year I had a chance to compare his Cyber WC GS model to my 10.22. Skied both on a same course on a same day. I found them to be too soft for my liking, the skis felt like noodles. But that is me. I think for a lighter, less aggressive person they would be just perfect.
Now, comparing them to 9.20 (I assume you forgot a zero there) the stiffness should be very comparable. In any case the advice would be TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. A ski got to fit YOU not the salesman who raves about it.

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I got a chance to play on the WC SL and had an absolute blast. Ski had tremendous snap and rebound. We had about 9" of freshies that day and the ski was jumping out of the snow into the next turn. I'm 175 and an aggressive skier and I loved that ski. I think it would wear me out as my only ski, cause man did that thing like to turn. Just my $.02, and oh, I'm a guy so of course I like Head
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I say that this and last years head sl skis are the best sl skis out there. Not too noodleish like the salomons & Rossis. no hollow feeling like the atomics and definatly livelyier then the Volkls. They have the most snap and are still damp.
To contrast that the head GS ski is a little slow. I found that the GS skis felt dead mid way through the season.
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Head skis are really onto something these days. I will second the opinion that they are the best ski out there. Though I ski other skis to get the feel for when people ask about them, I just haven't found anything as good.

Last year I skied the WC Slalom for the first time. I had to make sure i stayed off the tip some, but when I found the middle they were rippers. Spinny too, I could spin so quick on those.

My favorite all mountain ski is the XP-80. I skied them for the second half of last season, in every condition I could think of. Everyone I talked to about them was amazed and the frequent question after skiing them was "when can I get a pair."

I ski the Monster Cross a lot and it floats like a pow ski but feels like a race ski.

I know Head hasn't been at the forefront of skiing for awhile, but they are now, maybe not in sales, but in performance. If you pay attention at the World Cup level you will see a lot of WCers on them.
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The main difference between Atomic ski's and head is that you can still get Atomic ski's after you are married.
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Head, along with Fischer, are the most underrated skis around. Their shory slalom rocks hard, as does the Monster, the Super Cross, a bunch of X skis, and probably others I did not get to ski. Of course, they still can't sell in the US, but Europe? Head is huge there. Give me Rossignol, or give me Head!
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DangerousBrian!!! shame on you. (Heheehee, still laughing though.)

wow, guess they are good skis. The guy at the shop suggested a binding with them, im not sure which it was but it was this really funky binding that had a lever to adjust the ski camber....said to use it without plates...
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I'm with you spinheli. Give me Rossi!!! However Head is poised to make some big headway in the U.S. market. I have a friend who has reped for just about everyone and he is so juiced about the new Head ski's this year. Can't wait to put a few pairs on and see what they can do.

Thrash or Crash.
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If it's done well it can be orgasmic!As far as the Head ski company, not a clue [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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I've got a wrappered pair of Head WC Slaloms sitting in the garage. Can't wait to get the bindings on and go ski them.

I demoed several of the short slaloms last year and couldn't get over how great the Heads felt. *Extremely* versatile, solid as a rock, and willing to turn like you wouldn't believe.

I was like those people in Kneale's ski school. I did *not* want to give 'em back at the end of the day. I've been looking for a deal on them ever since and finally found it about three weeks ago.

Let it snow.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LindaA:
The guy at the shop suggested a binding with them, im not sure which it was but it was this really funky binding that had a lever to adjust the ski camber....said to use it without plates...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That would be the Tyrolia Power Select bindings. Whether you get them or not, get Tyrolia, if only because the ski warranty will be increased from 1 to 3 years (the bindings already are) Tyrolia has some great free flex models as well that are cheaper.

I also realized that you must be talking about the "Cyber WorldCup" as opposed to the Slalom Worldcup Ti, or Worldcup Ti.

The WorldCup is similar to the Ti(GS) except with more sidecut, it is a much friendlier ride.

Check out the all-mountain expert line too (XP-60, XP-80, XP-100) They have a bit more sidecut off a slightly wider waist. The 80 truly is an all mountain ripper that carves hellaciously too. At the top of the gear review forum click on the gear info link and check out Epicski's link to Head.

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Head skis are by far the best I've ever skied, Fischers also have a very good rep. Either one of these Austrian ski companies are absolutely top notch. Also, they both have quite a bit of world cuppers, many of the Austrian ski team members ski on Fischers (I'm not sure who skis Heads but I do remember seeing the skis in some WC races).

As for the Tyrolia bindings, do not buy the power select bindings, instead buy their racing bindings, the Free Flex Plus 8 and Free Flex Plus 10. These bindings have spring dampeners to provide a round flex, keep chatter down, and are all around excellent bindings whereas the Power Selects are just a gimmick.
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