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Neox Forward vs. Center position

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For anyone who's interested:

I just mounted my Neox binding on a pair of 162 B5's. There are 2 binding positions that are marked, a "center" position and a "forward" position.* I have found that for my boot sole length of 295 the forward position places the ball of foot (near as I can determine it on the outside of my boot) at or just behind the center of the running surface. Thus, I am going to start with that set-up.

*It seems possible to me to go farther forward, backward, or in between the "center" and "forward" positions (in pretty fine increments) by just sliding the toe and heal forward but keeping the length between them constant (and the numbers on the tracks aligned). The only consequence I can see of doing this is that the number that appears in the window of the center cap (that is rotated 180 degrees to change between "center" and "forward" position) will not show the correct boot sole length even though it will be correct. (This is because the whole binding has been either slid forward or backward of the position dictated by the center cap). There seems to be plenty of track to accommodate such movement.
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I have the 162 M11's and coincidentally the same boot sole length as you. I currently have the bindings set in the forward position for the same reasons you stated. Although I havent skied it yet with this setting, I'm sure it will be great.

I've always found the Atomics to be quite rear mounted compared with other skis. I found that I like my R11's and SL9's both in the forward most settings, which makes them much more responsive w/o really giving up anything in stability.
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Si, when will you get out on your B5s?
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Hi Steve,

Thanksgiving, Hopefully.
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Originally Posted by Si
Thanksgiving, Hopefully.
Sweet! Hopefully, I'll get to try a pair on the 20th.
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B5's for you

Hi Si:

What finally swayed you to the B5 v the M11??
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Just talking to a few people who had demo'd. It wasn't a clear cut call as I haven't skied either but I think I could like either one. Also, my son is going to make fun of me for getting this ski anyway and if I got the model one step down it would only be worse! (He's trying to get a pair of Volkl Karma's so that he doen't have to ski his Pistols with Freeride bindings every day).
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