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xrc 1100 length advice

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Hi Guys,

I received a very good offer from Head importer for new Head i.XRC 1100 SR 2 (about 400 $ for set - ok,ok it's friend of mine ;-)) and I can not refuse that. I just wanted to ask you which length to go for (unfortunately, there is no snow within 500 km around, so unable to test). I'm 182cm / 87kg and question is: 170 or 177? Many thanks for your help.
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the 170, no question. Don't forget the HD14's
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Can you tell me something about differences between Tyrolia bindings? I'm afraid the offered set is with LD12 or even SLD11, should I change it?
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YOu can go through each binding. The HD14 is a more solidly built binding. Any will do fine so don't worry too much about it. The 14 is what Head recomends for that ski and the color scheme matches if that matters to you.
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Finndog, thanks for advice. I just returned from shop with my new 1100 )) They are mounted with sld11. As a compensation (I was looking disappointed with that binding), I received a pair of i.C carbon poles. I'm sure I can survive that .... )
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Spat, you got a great deal on a great pair of skis and the bindings are more than fine, no worries. The poles are nice, enjoy and let me know how you like them.
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