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Nordica Dobermanns and Tecnica Diablo

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Boot Maker: Nordica and Tecnica
Model: N Dobermann pro 130 and Tecnica Diablo Fire
Size:9 and 8
Snow Conditions Used In: dry test at the shop
Number of Days Used:N/a
Your Ability: ?
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:33
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 15
Other gear You Like: Tecnica, Voelkl , Nordica

Your Height/Weight: 175 cm/73 kg

Dry "tested" The Doberman 130 and a Tecnica Diablo Fire HF with F.I. 90

-Doberman : easy to get in, tight but at the same time comfortable probably thanks to the “widened” fore foot section, easy to get out. At the same timeI like the way it looks and feels lean. Very , very stiff, and I was in the shop!

-The Tecnica Diablo, by comparison, was still easy to get in but felt too soft, and appeared/felt bulky (reminded me of my home slippers). I know I should have compared the Dobie with the similar Tecnica Diablo model, the Race, also with flex index 130 (saw it in another shop, they indicate 130, at the Tecnica site the F.I.: is indicated as 120) , but alas, it wasn't present at the shop #1 and at shop #2 I was a bit too “concentrated” on the tech (mrs Paola Magoni, does the name ring a bell to the old timers?) to remember to ask to. Still the Race looks as lean and mean as the Dobermann, but the price is a bit higher.

My feet are quite wide for their size, I wear European size 42 or 43, depending on the makers (these last times I’ve ended up buyng more 43s) my right foot is a bit wider than the left, but I tried the Dobermanns in size 8 (which should correspond to a 42) the half measure is obtained with the inliner thermo modification.

I like the Dobermanns no frills and absence of regulations, at the same time Tecnica has simplified the number of settings (forward lean and stiffness are now obtained with only one screw) compared to my old TNT racing, of which , I must confess I did not like all those fancy screws around…

Listed prices: Nordica Dobermann 130, 329 Euro. Tecnica Diablo Fire 339 Euro.
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So did you purchase either? I ordered a pair of Dobermann 110s. I wasn't particularly looking for a racing boot but they fit so well in the shop and I like the minimalist simplicity of them. I'm picking them up Saturday. Can't wait to try them. Another three or four weeks til the local area opens.

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I wish I could afford the Dobies. I'm afraid I'll have to ski another season with my old Tecnica TNTs...
Can't afford 329 Eu....
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Dobermann Price

I have just bought some Dobie 130's they were so expensive they had to be borthday and Christmas present from the wife. I think you'll find that they are £329 not 329 Euro's - big difference (unless I was ripped off !)
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This is my second season in the Doberman. It is the best feeling boot I've ever had though it is *VERY* cold (I bought the Bootglove this year which has solved the problem). I also had quite a bit of fitting done which is important to me.

The Diablo Race Pro is Tecnica's comparative offering (available in a 110 and 130 stiffness). These, like the Dobermans, are also stripped down retail 'plug' boots. My wife has just got a pair of these in 110. I found them to be just slightly roomier than the Dobies and to have just a tad more cushioning (which is still minimal) than the Doberman liners.
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i bought the diablo race pro boot to replace ankle-killing nordica gts8 recently. i have very protuding inner ankle bones and otherwise slim ankle, slim lower leg (racing cyclist) and slightly wider than av forefoot (shell was widened for forefoot comfort). the pro race has an incredibly snug fit out of the box, and doesn't have the pressure points (on my foot) i had in the diablo fire in another shop, even though the latter was the hotform version. heel-lift is non-existant. cuff is fairly high but i like that. 2cms higher than fire version. it flexes fairly smooth, so even me at 160 lbs can flex it, despite the high flex index.

the last of the race pro runs pretty narrow, so i took the 28,5 while in the diablo fire i would take 27,5, and i still have much better hold and heel lock than in the fire.
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