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I Took my new Atomic 9.18s and bindings to have them mounted(2000-2001 model, 170). When the ski tech was finished he wanted to show me how the binding heel floated to allow the whole ski to flex. He took one ski and put the tail on the floor and pushed in the center to bend the ski into an arc, sort of like the sales staff sometimes do when they're showing people how skis flex. I thought he was going to bend it into a circle. He did it twice and I'd say the tail was up 45 degrees from flat. I thought about it later and I don't think any skier could ever bend a ski anywhere near that much just from skiing on it. Is the ski damaged? Did he put several days of hard skiing wear and tear on that ski? Will the 2 skis never again flex the same and will the tail on that one ski wash out at the end of a turn? Your comments and wisdom will be much appreciated. Thanks, Merry Christmas.