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Colorado Front Range Fall Workshop!

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Hello everyone--

I'm pleased to announce the latest EpicSki Instructional Camp, the Front Range Fall Workshop, to be held at Eldora Mountain Resort in early December. There will be two sessions, Friday December 3rd and Saturday December 4th. Come join us for either one or both!

The Fall Workshop is especially designed for adult skiers from Colorado's Front Range and mountain communities, as well as anyone else who desires to break through to the next level in your skiing. It is a great opportunity to dial in your fundamentals early on and get your season off to a perfect start. As with other EpicSki events (EpicSki Academy and the Eastern Tune-Up), the Front Range Fall Workshop will involve some of the top instructors and instructor trainers from Colorado's best ski schools. Small, focused groups assure plenty of individual attention. It is a full-day program, with an optional question and answer wrap up session after the lifts close.

The closest major ski area to Denver and Boulder, Eldora Mountain Resort is just twenty-one miles from downtown Boulder. Eldora's nearly 700 acres of skiable terrain offer something for everyone, and with over 90% of its groomed runs covered by one of Colorado's largest snowmaking systems, Eldora's early season conditions are among the very best.

We've worked out a cost of just $125 per day, which includes an Eldora lift ticket. You won't find a ski workshop of this caliber anywhere else in Colorado, and at this price, can you afford to miss it?

So wax your skis and prepare to plant the seeds of a breakthrough this season! Join us at the Front Range Fall Workshop, and start this season off right!

See you at Eldora!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob, how long a drive from Summit County? Love to go, but hopefully Mark is not on one of those flights that get him in at 2:00am!:
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Excellent news!!!!

Any word on who the coaches will be? I'm assuming Bob, Ric, Rusty? Any others we're familiar with?

How many students, how many coaches?

Any thoughts on one day or two?
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Hi Lurking Bear--that's a start. We have no idea yet what the numbers will be, so we can't yet say who else will coach. But I've contacted a few others who would love to play if the need arises. All are top instructor trainers and examiners. That's been a trademark of all EpicSki events, and one we'd like to continue.

The two days are stand alone sessions, but you are welcome to attend both days. We can probably keep you with the same coach each day, or get you with two different coaches, as you choose.

Best regards.
Bob Barnes
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If I recall, it's about 75 miles to Eldora from my house in Silverthorne.
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Bob/Rusty, if you have any flyers about the event, I'll put them out in my studio.

I'm still undecided. Turns out that my little "Spill on Spillway" may have been serious than I thought!:
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Hi Lisa--I didn't see your fall, but I hope the damage is not too serious.

Here's a link to a flyer I made for the Fall Workshop. If anyone would like to put some of these out anywhere, or hand them out to people who might be interested in the event, it would be great!


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I sort of blocked out everything that happened before the fall. Mikewil and Katy saw it happen. Feels like it may be some minor MCL damage, but it's already better than it was this morning.

Nice flyers! I have all these "Bob Barnes fans" who take class with me, so I'll give these out!
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I signed up today, I'll be there for Friday.

I'm looking forward to meeting some bears, as well as getting some great coaching!
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Great news. You will have a blast. Eldora is getting snow daily and they just opened the Indian Peaks section of the mountain. I think this is among the best teaching terrain that I have ever seen along with unsurpassed beauty.

Until you have had an opportunity to learn from the caliber of teacgers that will be at the workshop it is hard to imagine the impact it can have on one's skiing.
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3 questions:
1. Any word on who the coaches are?

2. If I were to go on Friday, is there anyone who could give me a ride from Dillon?

3. Is it too late? The self evalauation form was supposed to be in by the 27th.

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I echo Lisamarie's question -- too late? I have cleared my schedule for Friday, so I'd love to come if I still can.
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Yes, no? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks!
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What's the scoop?

How many people signed up?

Who's teaching?
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Went on Saturday. Great workshop! Thanks to Bob, Rusty, and whoever else helped put this together.

It was great skiing with Tony, and am hoping to work his tips and techniques into my skiing throughout the rest of the season.
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Friday was great, too.
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Thanks for coming and for the support you guys/ladies.

We had two groups both days. I had to do training on Saturday and we recruited Tony Sears to help. I don't belive there is a better skier/coach in the state than Tony.

A good time was had by all!
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I was there Friday and had a wonderful time.

Rusty, you’re a great coach, and I’m glad I got to work with you.

There was only one other guy in my class, so I basically got an all-day semi-private lesson and a lift ticket for $125!

I’d be happy to “support” this on a monthly basis!
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IF is was able to help you and Roger in any way I promise you it was due to what you guys brought to the lesson.

Lurking Bear may well be the perfect student/lesson. Great skier,rapt attention all day, and thought provoking questions/discussions.

I hope to ski with you again soon
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