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Front Range Fall Workshop

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Our Dean of Instruction, Bob Barnes has organized another wonderful opportunity for the epicski community.

December 3-4 marks the dates for the FRFW at Eldora. The clinicians will be handpicked ed staff members from PSIA-RM and trainers. As usual, the clinicians will be high quality.

Participants can sign up for one or two days and the $125.00 daily cost includes a lift ticket. Groups will be small and much will be learned by all.

The two days are being marketed to front range epicski members, however, we already have students signed up who are flying in to DIA to enjoy an early season jumpstart.
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Sounds great Rusty, but I'll have been there and gone before it happens.

But I'm set for ETU right afterward And look for some great coaching there!

I hope a great time is had by all
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From the Eldora site:

"You're from Colorado. Don't ski like a flatlander! Stop just practicing mistakes, and getting better at bad skiing. Get off to the right start at the Front Range Fall Workshop and make your practice count!"

Now that's funny!!!! Who inspired that statement?
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
... Don't ski like a flatlander! ...
Hey now, I resemble that remark!!
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Chris you DO NOT ski like a flatlander!!!! BTW, when will you be in CO?
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Hi Lisa,

We arrive in the evening on 11/17 and depart the morning of 11/25.

Don't use up all the snow, please!
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I'm in for the 4th. Just finished the registration.

So do we get anything in the mail beforehand, or just show up on the day at the ticket window with our receipt?
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As it stands now.....come to the "new lodge" or Indian Peaks Lodge and we'll meet on the second floor. We'll have lift tickets for you so skip the ticket window.
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Lisamarie.....have you signed up yet?
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Depends on how long it takes to get there. If Mark has one of those flights that gets in at 2:00am on Friday, I'm not sure.
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75-ish miles from Summit County, Lisa. Not a bad drive. A nice drive, actually.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks to Bob and Rusty for
organizing this. I certainly don't want to ski like a flatlander!
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Originally Posted by Rusty Guy
Our Dean of Instruction, Bob Barnes[/url]
Does this mean we will see Bob skiing in a flowing academic robe?
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To Bob Barnes

If this Fall Workshop is Dec. 4 & 5 @ Eldora, does this mean that you won't be at the PSIA Fall Workshop @ Winter Park Dec 6 &7th?
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I'm afraid not, powdermama. I'll be on my way to Vermont right after the Fall Workshop, to do some skiing with the Stowe Ski School in advance of the Eastern Tune-Up the following weekend. But I'll bet the Bob Barnes from Winter Park will be there!

Flowing robe...hmm, probably couldn't hurt. I've always liked ski outfits that let me make a few mistakes before they start moving!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Ok Rusty and Bob, I'm signed up, too. By the way, will anyone be skiing on Sunday?
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I'll be at Copper Mountain on Sunday, preparing for the annual PSIA-Rocky Mountain Fall Training program next week.

See you at Eldora, if not before!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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So is there kind of a "formal" debriefing at the end of the day? I signed up for Saturday, but might have to leave earlier than 5pm (maybe around 4 or 4:30). Will I miss some valuable feedback at the end?
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I know dp has to depart a bit early on Friday. I'm certain we can make arrngements to do something via internet or cell phone to accomodate someone leaving early.
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