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For all ya Utah Folk!

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What the christmas is going on out there?! I was thinking of flying from Boston to Salt Lake sometime in late november, basically next week or two or something - is the snow out there worth adding another 400 dollars of debt onto my vast college loan amounts?

Whats it like out there dammit!


Also where is the absolute cheapest funky, sketchy place to stay near Allltaaaa?
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and none of you powder hawgs saying "snow, what snow!"
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Sorry due to the lack of anything that even looks like snow Utah will be closed for the Hollidays Cottenwood Canyons are looking like mid season conditions. I don't want to say to much becuse the snow gods could turn off the snow as fast as they turned it on.
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I am not from Utah, but if you don't mind taking public transportation and costing yourself about an hour you can stay at the Travelodge in downtown SLC for a mere $34 per night.

I haven't been yet, but will be staying there in early December for a quick ski trip with a friend.
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Long Stay America in Midvale and Sandy is quite cheapish too, for stays of over a week.
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