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Mickey Mouse topsheeted kids skis.
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Pictured here my first two pairs of skiis (still in Barn).

The Northland wood skiis on the right have screwed in edges and cable bindings with a marker toe piece.

Next were "Sun Valley" wood skiis with Salomon 40 bindings (traded in)
Then Head Killy 606s with Salomon 404s (delaminated=junk)
Then Hart Javelins with Salomon 505s (gave to a friend)
Then Rossi STSs 195cm with Salomon 727s (still in Barn)
Then Pre 1200s 185cm with 727Es (Sold to friend)
Then K2 810-Comps 211cm with 727Es (still in Barn)
Then Kastle RX-12 195cm with Marker M46s (still in Barn)
Then K2 KVCs 204cm with MR Racing (still in Barn)
Ther is also a pair of Elans with MRRs (still in Barn)
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Originally Posted by Freeheelin View Post
I am a gearwhore, so I do not sell my equipment.
I am a gearwhore and I DO sell my equipement.
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Kneissl Diplomat W. From when I was a kid - end of 50s I'd guess. Screw-on edges, cable bindings. Also sticks and leather boots (with inner and outer lacing) from same period.
(Sorry, I accidentally parked these in the "Oldest kit" locker, and then realised they should be here in the artifact shed)
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I have a pair of Head 360 metals with cubco bindings and a pair of Hexcel Comps with Look Nevada bindings.

There is a local ski shop that has a wall of old wood & metal skis - some real classics in that collection. They also have a row of boots like the old Scott boots (remember the freestylers that had to have one orange and one red). I told them that they needed a pair of white Hanson's to round out the collection.
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Nolo, glad to hear those American Beauties still have a nice home. I coveted them when they were new and still do, only for the art. I would love to own them but I can barely afford to buy skis that I would use.

Back to topic, in the last few years I came to own some family heirlooms. I have a pair wooden skis that belonged to my aunt from Germany, no metal edges, tips has a tab with a hole in it. I think the skis were mass produced, not hand carved. They have a metal triangle medallion tacked on the top that says Ski Viesser Lahrlb. Stamped or branded on the bottom on the curve of the tip reads JL Wiedl Schwaderbach. The last few words aren't clear and read either ASORBERS ERZQ or ASONBERG ERZG. The bindings are Geze cable bindings with a non-releasable metal toe piece with leather tie downs. I have double lace (inner and outer) leather boots. Inside the boot stamped in the heel pad reads Wohlauf. I also have a second set of leather boots that belonged to my uncle. I have 2 sets of bamboo poles, leather grips and metal, leather baskets. I thought I had my uncle's skis somewhere around here. The skis come from the very northern most of Bavaria near Frankfurt. My mother talks of skiing at Kreuzberg both before and after WW2, there were no lifts. That should place the skis geographically. If any equipment historians know anything about them please post info here. If there’s any interest I can post photos.

I also own a pair of wood Northumberland skis with cable bindings and screwed in steel edges. They are hanging on the wall in the bar of the new lodge built when Laurel Mountain reopened 6 years ago. They’re light blue with red and white striping, I think. I remember reading that Northumberland’s were significant in some way. Info anybody?

Also, I came to own (fell off of the wall and into my trunk) a wood sign, router carved lettering that said Lift Tickets. This sign hung over the window of Laurel’s second lodge which fell into ruin and demolished to build the new Laurel Lodge. The sign is now above the bar at the Laurel Lodge.
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Well i'm to young to own any retro skiis but i have made a goal of never selling a pair of my skiis. I am keeping my first pair and all the other ones i continue to buy. Its practically against my religion to get rid of a ski because of the memories we share lol
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post
There's a house in Bozeman with a perimeter fence made of old skis. Just a thought...
Is this the one?

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