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Which Length

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I'm getting back into skiing after only skiing three times in the last 15 years. I'm 53, male, 5ft. 9in.,155 pounds, reasonably good shape and I ski moderately aggressively over the whole mountain, but like to relax when I feel like relaxing. I am an advanced skier. My last pair of skis were Atomic RS in 210 cm. I could always handle these without any real problems. I have decided on Atomic Beta Ride 9.20's, but am undecided as to the length. I think 180's would be the ideal size, but I have the chance to buy a pair of 190's at a great price. I'm just soliciting opinions here. Does anyone think that going from 180 to 190 would be a HUGE mistake? This is my first time visiting this forum and, from what I've read, the opinions expressed here seem to be valued. Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm only an inch taller and the same weight.

3 seasons ago I demo'd the BetaRide 9.22 in a 190 and liked it pretty well.

The 190 will not be a huge mistake, but it will be more difficult in slower speed short turns (bumps, trees). On the other hand, the longer ski will have a bit more high-speed stability and a bit more flotation in loose snow.
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Go with the 180. Is The Beta Ride 920 your looking to buy the One with the cxc lifter? or the newer 920 that doesn't have the lifter plate?The older 920 with the Lifter was a blast.I owned it in a 190 It was fast but a pain in the ass in bumps.I like bumps and being in about the same age braket as you I also like a ski that makes life a bit more easy.I Have in the last few years gone from a 190 to a 188 to a 181 and find tha 181 a good size.I don't seem to be missing any loss of edge hold or speed.The shorter ski is a lot more bump friendly and tree friendly.IMHO go with the 180.
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gonzostrike and Utah49: Thanks very much for your thoughts. Actually, I try to avoid bumps and trees, though, every once in a while I find myself in one or the other. If those are the main concerns, it sounds like the 190 might be OK. BTW, gonzostrike, I went to school in Spokane about 25 years ago and used to ski there at Mt. Spokane, 49 Degrees North, Silverhorn in Idaho and that other place in Idaho north of Silverhorn. I even made it down to Park City, Utah49, once in 1979. I miss that stuff like crazy here in southern AZ.
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I've been in AZ but never skied there. I bet the views from the ski hills there are increadiable. Do they ski at Flagstaff?
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slider: There are two ski areas in Flafstaff, though I've never skied at either. I've skied at a place called Sunrise which is in the White Mountains in northeastern AZ and is run by the White Mountain Apache tribe and at Purgatory in southwest Colorado. I also skied at Mt. Batchelor on Thanksgiving in 1977. The weather was awful, but the skiing was great. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I would think skiing at the Apache resort would be cool. There are some very neat small ski resorts to see. I remember one in Colorado called Powderhorn. The sign at the top of the chair lift read,"Ski with Caution! Trees 8 Skiers 0." I am leaving next month to ski all of the Idaho resorts and onto Fernie. Ah yes, MtB. its not much but it's all we've got. It was BRUTAL last week on MT.B. Went in after 2 hours and got a warm up coffee. Looked up at the wind gauge for the top of Pine Martin and it was hovering around 22-25 mph with a temp. of -10 F. I says to the counter person,"Your wnid gauge must be broke it only reads 20+mph. He says, It's right. The needle has just went all the way around. I says,Oh,I get it. :
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At you age and weight the 180 would probably be so much easier to live with. Over the life of the ski the savings is hardly worth it.

I demoed the Beta Race 9.20 last week in a 170 .... nice ski! I'm 53 @ 162 lbs.
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slider: Who knows, could be the same storm as when I was there. Thanksgiving dinner that year was a Reuben sandwich at the Denny's in Bend. LOL
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I skied at Arizona Ski Bowl, which I think they now call Fairmont Ski Bowl. It reminded me a lot of my old home mountain, Mt. Ashland. Wet snow frozen to ice, steep runs & lots of moguls. Add in the big trees and skiers not used to being at 10,000 feet & you have a very dangerous mountain. I saw three people carted off the hill after hitting trees the weekend I was there.
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