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Originally Posted by klkaye
I vote for baby T's with "Life is too short to ski with ugly men".

Imagine the uproar if a man suggested "life's too short to ski with ugly women"

Isn't it time that both genders are held to the same standards of respect and lack of objectification? I was involved in men's consciousness raising groups in the 70's and spend my life trying to judge people by their character, not their looks or their gender.

I'm bothered by how now it's OK in the media and everywhere else to make fun of men. Maybe the pendulum hasn't swung back to the middle yet - but ya know, maybe us men should start being a little more sexist again to remind women that it's not a good thing.

Sorry for the rant - pet peeve and all.
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Good thing I never posted my "No Fat Chicks" revision, huh?
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Originally Posted by jstraw
Good thing I never posted my "No Fat Chicks" revision, huh?
That would not have been funny! My revision was done in jest...I could have just as easily made it go the other way, but I am a woman, so why would I want to do that.If it will make you happy I will turn it around for you.....
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I was making a little joke. I destroyed that revision before anyone ever saw it.
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jstraw-please produce a tie-dyed version too, for old times sake.
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Old times' sake? You haven't seen my t-shirt drawer...
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Ladies and Gentlemen:

The envelope, please . . .

We have a winner. It is:

Many, many thanks to teachski, nolo and jstraw for all the time, effort and talent they poured into this process. The feedback and wide variety of iterations on the designs that developed over the course of the thread really improved the quality of the choices, so I'd also like to thank everyone who chimed in with an opinion, as well as the randomly picked ESA participants who gave me their feedback and made the choice. Congrats to jstraw on his winning entry.

The tee shirts are going to be great!
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Congratulations, jstraw!
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I guess if she can be gracious so can I. Congratulations, jstraw!
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nice work artists and sloganeers. well done.
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Thanks everyone.
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Oops! The URL to the winning t-shirt design is actually

Please accept our apology for the mistake, Michael.
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Thanks, not a problem!
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Nice. Congratulations.
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Shirt happens.

I have two of the t-shirts in hand! They look really nice if I do say so myself. I'm thrilled that they arrived just 5 hours before I leave on MY ski trip...I'll be sporting mine in Aspen!
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Any chance these t-shirts will show up on the EpicSki store site?
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We may have some extras, Coach. If we do, we'll let you know.
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