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GS armor

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Hey you gate hounds – what do you wear for GS type armor? I have a padded GS suit, but I don’t wear it for training days and so the pads don’t protect me much when it’s in the locker.

I tried a Spyder Stealth Top and it would be great if I were 175 lbs, which I’m not. The XL fit like body condom. Actually though, it was still very comfortable and allowed for great freedom of movement – just not practical since I won’t be wearing it under a zoot suit. And the half top? I definitely do not want to see several of the guys I know with beer bellies wearing one of those.

I also tried the Descente protector soft shell – very uncomfortable. It would have been good without the shoulder pads.

What happened to the old padded sweaters from yesteryear? Anyone make something like that you can wear under a jacket or with a vest that isn’t a stealth top?

I haven’t been in such a quandary since I was a kid and rapid gates came on the scene. My poor parents lost everything they owned made of plastic in those days.
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Schneider Racing USA still sells the padded sweaters (and stretch pants for that matter). I wear a Spyder padded cotton top on warmer training days that predates the Steath Top by a few years, but still doesn't scream 1980s. I wear soft shells mostly with a couple layers or my suit underneath to blunt the impacts.

There is all kinds of freestyle body armor available. Try Reliable Racing or one of the other ski racing stores.
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Dainese tops are awesome, but very expensive. They have one for racing and one for free skiiing. Neither works well for the other. That said, I wear a Schneider version of the stealth top. It is tight, but not restricting.
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Well, I just take is as it comes using only a padded GS-racesuit which protects some (not much, as we know). The Dainese, Acerbis, Komperdell etc. protectors seem to me being somewhat restrictive and too expensive (yes, the grapes ARE sour ).
Why not making bruised blue arms a virtue? Especially in summer on a beach: for the majority you look like you got a beating with a basaball club, for those who are important for you you´re a serious racer with a visible proof. Why not be proud of the image?

But, frankly, like I said, they are not chaep .
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No pain, no gain!

I always train with my skin suit underneath my pants and jacket obecause I find it makes me move differently. It's something you need to get accustomed to, so I make it part of my everyday experience. And the bonus is that when you're not training, you don't have to wear it and it feels like you're skiing naked and free!

If you find that your GS suit pads you enough, wear that. If it's not enough, wear the GS suit with a stealth on top (or underneath if comfortable). You can even race like that.

Your jacket itself should provide some damping as well.
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Thanks for the feedback on Scheider - they look like they make what I'm looking for except that they don't have any! When do you have to order that stuff? May ?

I can't stand to wear my suit for training - I don't have a velcro fly so "going" is altogether impossible.

Also, I don't really need the padding anywhere except on the top of the forearms - I'm quite consistent where I hit. I can take the "stings" and the bruises, but it's the bruises down to the bone (no kidding) that I'm trying to alleviate.

BTW - I firmly believe this is all due to the new sidecuts. I've raced for many years with no real problems, but now I find myself body blocking GS panels because ... well, I can.
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Give Franz or Cameron a call at Schnieder and see if they can't come up with an option- they are gerat supporters of ski racing and will bend over backward for you. They have great two-piece suits (I wear one) as another option.
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