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Incline village to Mt Rose ??

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How is the drive? According to yahoo maps - it is a 22 min drive . But i guess that is on a sunny day. does it ever close during a snow storm?

My other option is to drive to flatstar - which is also a 22 mins drive. Since this will be during the MLK weekend - I am guessing that Mt rose will be less crowded than Flatstar.
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Your instincts are correct

From Incline, the road to Mt. Rose would require 4WD/chains in the snow, and could close if there's a total dump. Remember, Mt. Rose is pretty high.

On a crowded weekend, Mt. Rose will be less crowded than Flatstar, but MLK is not as crowded as President's Weekend. I'm not a big Northstar fan.

I have some friends in Incline, and what I usually do is head to Squaw. Those roads will all be plowed. If you get through Tahoe City before 8-8:15, you're golden...
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from Incline to Mount Rose leave the village going towards Tahoe City, turn right and keep climbing to the Mount Rose summit, go over the top, down a bit and you are at the parking lot of Mount Rose. No issue in good weather. In snow you will need chains/4wd (we did) and likewise if you are going to Northstar as you have to go up a hill and down the other side to get there from the lake, they have the checkpoints at the bottom of the hill on either side, so you may get checked, as we did, going home as opposed to going there in the morning, depending on when it snows. If it is a problem Squaw or Alpine Meadows(which are basically next door to each other) may be easier drives
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