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any discounted steamboat tix?

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I can get hooked up with a free condo week in steamboat this january. However, I am not going to pay $350 for a 5 day pass. My season pass to 5 mountains didnt cost that much!

I saw a college deal earlier with 6 days for $99- but that expired oct 15th.

Any similar deals. Ideally, I would like 4-5 days for around $150.
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Wouldn't we all like a 5 day pass for $150. I've asked this question about discounts at Steamboat but got no replies. Did an internet search as well. I too have a free five night stay in January, so it makes it a bit easier to swallow the $69/day tickets.
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The cheapest I have found is the mEticket at www.meticket.com.
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steamboat discount - not easy

I have found any kinda discount at steamboat hard to find

in college we took 70+ skiers, min 5 day pass for everyone, and the
discount was $8 each vs walkup window prices.

you might see if you can find some local online info (ie. similar to
summit county online)

great skiing though...
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