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Another Full Setup For Sell

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3 Year old Scarps denali, size 25.5, flexon tounge, intuition liner (only heated once) plus scarpa liner, fritchi (second generation, dark blue), mounted on 175 dynastar BIG (the light acrylic core fatty) and BCA low fat skins cut to fit.
say $450 for the deal? all skied very little (maybe 15 days)

I just got the boot too small (stinking alpine influence). I thought i could dial it with the intuition, but no. The flexon tongue does wonders for the boots performance though and the liner makes it LIGHT.

The binding has had no issues, the skins are perfect and the ski is solid.
this ski holds on ice, floats and is just the right length for just about everything BC


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Holiday, Are they the freeride binding witha din setting to 12 ? Would you sell the bindings and skis without the Boots The 25.5 is the right size but the Scarpa shell does not fit my foot.
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skis/bindings only

I'd sell them w/o boots.
Make me an offer.

they are not the freeride,
but the standard.

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