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Sad story, good ending.

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I'd like to relate a story about an ebay store that took care of a customer.
The store is actionsportsoutlet and I bought a pair of k2 axis xt from them. They received my check and promptly shipped them via ups ground on oct. 6.
On oct.18 I still had'nt received them, so I contacted them and they contacted ups. They also told me I could talk to them, and gave me the tracking no. I'll tell you this when ups loses a package its very difficult to get any info from them.It was maddening! So I just let Greg from action sports handle it. Finally today I talked to Greg and ups had issued a claim on the package. Meaning they don't now where it is. Greg said they found another pair and would upgrade the bindings, tune, and wax them and send them out tomorrow.
It sure is refreshing to deal with a buisiness that cares about a customer and goes beyond the call of duty to make sure they are happy. Kudo'es to Greg and his store. Happy skiing, art
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Good info! Just added them to my eBay favorite sellers list.
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I've dealt with actionsportsoutlet.. and Greg. Ya..good business! Good guy!..
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Thanks for the post

They sound very customer service oriented.
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