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Technical Neox binding installation question

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Just got a pair of B5's w/ Neox binding. I know that binding installation is supposed to be done by a certified tech but this is not rocket science and mounting holes are predrilled. Here's the question:

The toe and heel piece both have extensions with toothed tracks that are marked for boot sole length and need to be overlapped/interlocked appropriately. The instruction booklet is not clear on whether the hash marks to the sides of the marked numbers (representing boot sole lengths) should be aligned or it's the actual numbers themselves that should be aligned. The picture in the instructional booklet suggest it's the hash marks but then the window of the covering plate doesn't read the boot sole length number (as the manual says it should) but rather the hash mark between numbers. Also the picture in the instruction booklet seems to show the numbers ordered backwards from the way they actually are which adds to my doubts.

Anyone have specific training and experience on the correct way to align these tracks?


Edit: BTW, I realize this is not too critical as I just need to have the boot midsole mark aligned with ski mark (or forward or rear if I choose to try a different mounting position) and the heel pressure adjustment somewhat within the middle of the range.
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IIRC, on the C-series at least; the actual number represents the number, and the mark represents half. On the C-series, 31 would be 310, 32 would be 320, and the mark between the 2 would be 315. Does that sound like it could be right on your binding?
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Thanks Bandit,
It certainly makes good sense as the teeth either align on the numbers or the hash marks giving exactly 1/2 steps. I avodied this interpretation as there is a footnote that says "The measure sole lengyh must be rounded down." However, as I reread that footnote more carefully it appears to only apply to "the five stages," which I now take to mean the first five mounting steps which are limited to choosing between the two sets of mounting holes provided.

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That is the easy part, you may have a difficult time finding something that has the proper thickness to adjust the toe height. Additionally it seems the Atomics tend to have a high torque release at the toes, so you may want to get a release check done at the local shop when you finished mounting.

Good Luck
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The Neox bindings have auto toe height adjustment, so need to set the toe height. There was a thread discussing correct adjustments for the neox bindings, http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=17774&highlight=neox+binding+adju stment

It's been a few months since I had adjusted mine, so I can't remember exactly without taking it apart to look at it again.

I never did get a manual with mine. Maybe you can scan it and send it to me?
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It's a small booklet but I'll try and scan it as the text is only a couple of pages. I will just post it here if I get it done.
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PM me if you want the scanned manual

Jpeg files (3 of them) are pretty big (.5, 1, and 1meg). If you can accept files this size (tell me whether it's one at a time or all at once) PM me with your email and I will send them.
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