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nordica beasts comparative flex...

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I'm currently in the process of getting my new kit ready for another season.
I spent the weekend trying on few boots and wanted to get some feedback from you guys n gals.

the contenders are: Nordica Beasts, Head S10's, Salomon X-Wave9's

The beasts were marginally more comfortable, but am I right in thinking the Beasts are consideralby softer than the others, or is that just the booster straps messing with me?!

I need something thats going to give me enough performance to hit the fall line every now and then, and enough responsiveness to swing little slalom turns, but still enough give so's I don't get punished late in the day after an afternoon beer on the mountain top!!

I know they'll stiffen up in the cold, but they seem to me to start softer than the others anyway.

Has anyone got any experience of the Nordica Speedmachines? If the shape is similar to the Beasts but with a bit more resistance, they might be what I'm looking for?

thanks everyone
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Both the Beast and Wave-9 have devices on the back of their shells to increase stiffness. When comparing them it is important to note which setting they are on. I have the Nordica Beast and I thought it was as stiff, if not stiffer, than the Wave 9.
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I have tried on all of the boots you mentioned above. I think that the Nordica is stiffer than the other two boots. I own a pair of Head S12's and i feel they are only slightly stiffer than the Beast boot. The X-Wave 10 is a better comparison to the beast i think. I think that the built in booster strap might be skewing your perception of the boots. Nordicas, like Langes, tend to stiffen up significantly in the cold, so keep that in mind. I liked the fit of the S12 better than all of the boots you mentioned, but i was looking for a fairly stiff, low volume boot that still had a bias to free skiing (not racing). Go for the boot that fits your foot the best, because if it fits your foot, a slightly softer flex will not hurt you. Where as if the boot doesnt fit your foot and has a stiffer flex, you will end up being in pain. Also (last point) go to the smallest size possible wiht the beast. It will pack out a lot because it is a plush liner, so you will end up with a bigger boot after about 10 days on the snow. It is also a higher volume boot, so you will be able to possibly downsize due to that factor. The worst thing that can happen to a skier is to end up with boots that are too big for them.
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I don't know about the x-wave 9, but the Beast and the '03 x-wave 10 are very similar in terms of stiffness.
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