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Less expensive Okemo lodging?

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Okemo is host to some PSIA events in early January, and I'm hoping to attend two consecutive events January 4-7, 2004 (Tuesday through Friday). It appears that the laments about Okemo prices are well supported by the evidence, and I'm asking for tips on lower cost lodging. Any ideas?

I need lodging reasonably accessible to the mountain - I said, REASONABLY accessible, say, within a twenty minutes drive. I want at least a private bathroom and clean accomodations, but I'm not holding out for anything spectacular.
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I did a PSIA/USSCA race coaching clinic there a few years ago with a buddy. We found a cheap motel down the road in Ludlow. There seemed to be several of these. No reservations were necessary outside vacation weeks. Can't remember the name of the place or cost but it was pretty modest. Of course this was mid December, pre- Xmas so I imagine things may not have been quite typical. My recollection was about 15 min or less driving time.
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I hear the "All Season motel" in Ludlow is a nice place.
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I think someone stayed at a place called the Magic View Motel. It is central to Bromley, Stratton and Magic---may be a bit further than 20 minutes to Okemo. It is near Londonderry.
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Thanks, all. I did eventually locate reasonably priced accomodations not far from the mountain and may find even more.
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