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...Regarding ski length.

I am 28 years old, 6-1 and 240 pounds. I started skiing when I was 12, but my wife and I had our daughter 4 years ago and I have only been skiing once (last season) since then. The ski market seems to have exploded over the past 4 years...and like alot of people I seem have been left behind.

I understand that this topic has been covered ad naseum, however I did a search of the last 100 days, and only found one post regarding length of skis for someone who is a big as me.

I intend to go skiing early and often this season because my daughter is old enough to start. I did some research and bought a pair of 191cm Volkl Vertigo Motions at I am a fairly advanced and aggresive skier, who prefers steeps and higher speeds rather than moguls. (if it matters, I only ski the west, Tahoe, NM, Colorado, Northern AZ)

My question is, is it a possibility that at my weight, that the 191's are going to be too long? If so why? I live in Phoenix, AZ, so I dont have the opportunity to demo skis. I ultimately opted for the 191's, because I tried a pair of 184's last season and they felt too slippery and not very stable when I would get up to speed. I also looked at several ski size charts, and the 191's seemed like a safe bet - however, after reading a few hundred posts here at epic ski I noticed a trend of smaller skis amongst the members here.

Thanks in advance for any advice.