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any ideas? What ski?

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ok, ive been skiing for about 8 years and im 14. I decided that maybe next year, i'll start going off the groomers more and also in the park. Do any of you know a good , cheap twin tip for basically all mountain, i guess?

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hey The line darksides are a good all mountian and awesome in the park my buddy "DREW Is Gay" has a pair for sale on this sight right now for a good price. Check them out.

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Salomon 1080, can't beat it.....I NEVER go into the park and I love that ski.
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umm... cool. whats his site i think i'll have to check it out. hey ktrubin...how cool is bohemia 'cuz my season pass came with like a free ticket there and i thought i might go and like stay on the one bluesquare or something just to say ive been there...is it worth the drive from like, bay city?
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hey those skis r cool and everything, but do u know of any that are like,160-165? keep in mind im 5 6 but only 14

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Salomon 1080s come pretty short. Here's another one, I saw the Rossi demo van today and they had a ski called the Scratch FS Teen. I can't say if it's any good or not, but it's target is YOU.
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Todd- The 1080 come in a 161 and a 171. Keep in mind your age, you will grow quick and you're gonna wish you went longer....go with the 171 unless you have unlimited funds. I know someone in Bay City that has some Salomon Pocket Rocket 175 with bindings for 400.
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5'6"...that is plenty tall, by yourself some 175cm Dynastar Troublemakers (with the twin tip that makes them about a 170cm) some little birds have been chirping in my ear that they are great all over the mountain and a sick park ski, don't buy anything before checking them out. Also look into the Public Enemy by K2 some people say that they have durability issues, but i've heard they are a solid ski and definitely worth taking a look at. But remember at your height you don't want anything less than 170cm. Short is NOT better.

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