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Mr Crazie!

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Let me be the first to congratulate you and your beloved "Stiller's!"

Just over 2 minutes to go and ahead by 2 TD's.

Pats are soon to be a gazillion and 1.
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Too bad about throwing a wet blanket on Beantown’s Series celebration but as I said before, MLB blows, the game is broken, money and no profit sharing is making it a game for the haves and those that can afford to have more.

NFL rules! Every year any team can come back from failure and compete. Teams can only afford to keep one or two super stars, cap management spreads talent around the league and good personnel management and coaching makes the difference.

Bring on Philly!
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I must say, even though I live in the Boston region now, my blood will always run Black & Gold. That was a be-you-tea-full game. Football the way it was meant to be. The team with the lead runs the freaking ball. Everyone knows it, and the Pats still couldn't stop it.

Blitzburgh is back !!!
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