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Ski Length Recommendation?

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Im considering the Legend 8000 for this years skis but Im not sure which size would be best. Im 6'1'' / 200 lbs. and an advanced skier. I currently ski a pair of Dynastar Skicross 66 in a 186cm but they feel a bit long. Im just not really accustomed to shorter skis and dont know how short is too short. The 8000 comes in a 178 and 172 but I dont know which size would be best. Any suggestions?

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I'd go with the 178cm due to your size. I bought the 184's but I'm a bit bigger than you.
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What is the latest thinking regarding ski length? On one hand, I see Atomic making shorter and shorter skis, and a tendency for people to ski shorter skis. On the other hand, someone in a ski shop just told me that, as I progress as a skier, I'm going to want to go longer. What's the conventional wisdom on the subject?
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These days all bets are off when it comes to length - there don't seem to be any hard & fast rules like in the old days. One thing I have noticed though is a shift from the generalization that if you're big, say +6' and over 200lbs, you need to get a bigger ski. While that is certainly part of the equation it seems these days determining length depends more on the specific ski, where you ski it, how you ski it, and what you ski with it.

I used to ski 207-210cm GS and 203-205 cm SL skis – didn’t matter who made them. Now I’m on 175-183 cm GS skis and 165 cm SL skis and I wouldn’t want them any longer.

All mountain skis are a different story, but I tried some all mountain 175’s at Alta last year and was amazed that I couldn’t upset them at any speed. I didn’t find them lacking at any speed, or on any terrain.

I’m 6’2”, weigh 210+, and have never been accused of skiing slow. Why would I want to go any longer?
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FWIW, I'm 6'1"/~215lbs and having the time of my life on 150cm Atomic SL11's.

I bought them to "play" but have had so much fun slicing tight little ruts in the snow that nothing else has come out of the locker for the past 3 seasons. I've even trained GS with them and felt perfectly comfortable and stable (as long as they were locked on edge and I remained centered). I also have SL9's in 150 and ran GS with them too--- scary!

The only time I haven't enjoyed the shorties is last spring in the deep wet untracked snow of Whistler's upper bowls. It was hilarious trying not to face plant, but not the most fun I've ever had. ...hey, short skis travel easy...

Since I now live in New England, the 150's work in just about any situation I've run across. Have nearly new SL 9.16's in 170 and 180, and "brand new" 205cm Rossi 9S's in the locker, but they aren't getting any use. I think I'm "stuck in a rut".
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The two shools of thought are get the longest ski you can still turn easily, or get the shortest ski which can still handle the fastest speeds you ski. But what that length is will depend greatly on the ski. The general rule is the stiffer, skinnier and more sidecut a ski has, the shorter you ski it.
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