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Size 14 boot help: Nordica Next 87, Atomic E9...?

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I could use some advice on boots. I live in Portland, Oregon and haven't found a single pair of decent size 14 boots to try on around here. Mostly I seem to need 32.0's, but I tried on a couple of pairs of low-end Alpinas and a Lange Fun@Fit pair that just barely fit in a 31.5. The few higher-end 31.5's I tried on smashed my big toe against the front of the liner and still pressed it pretty firmly there in a full buckled and forward leaning position.

I'm a newly advanced skiier even though my technique is pretty rough. I'm 41, 6'7" and 240-245 lbs. I prefer to turn/carve rather than bomb straight down hills and avoid most bumps at all costs but love diamonds or doubles on good snow days. My skis are 2004 Scream 8 Pilot 185's which are a little light for me after my improvements last season. Most of my lifetime 40-50 days skiing have been in the last 3 seasons.

My foot's a full size 14 (Nike 14's don't fit) with a pretty flat arch and a medium wide forefoot. (D usually fits well, sometimes a bit snug)

I'm on a bit of a budget.

I've resorted to mail-order and eBay and aggressive use of the money-back guarantee options to find a pair of boots. Here are my choices that should arrive in the next week or two:

Atomic E9 31.5
Nordica Next 87 32.0

I've also located a pair of Nordica W10's online listed as a size "14" for $400 and I'll be going to the ski expo in Portland this weekend to see what 's available there.

I'd love any comments and/or suggestions of what to make of my limited options.

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salmon makes, or did make, one boot to a size 34 (I think it is the Evolution) but I dont think overall you will have too many options.

For you, and everyone else, make sure that the shell fit is 1-2 cm NO MORE. yes the liner will feel tight, but it will get bigger, pack out, blah, blah blah.
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By tight I assume you don't mean big toe is smashed up against the end? Or am I oversensitive to that from a lifetime of encountering it in my shoes?
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Similar dimensions

I am about your age and size ( I have a size 14 and Nike 14s don't fit)...not too many of us on skis but that is another post...I bought a pair of Salomon XWave 10s about 2 years ago they took a litlle bit to break in and now I love them!
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what size are they?
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I think they are 14s...maybe 13s...I will check
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A company in Austria , STROLZ, makes boots of all sizes.
I just cut & pasted this from their website;

M o d e lF A V O R I T .

Especially for skiers with very small or very large feet. With hard shell for precise power transmission, maximum comfort and perfect fit.


[Colour]: black
[Sizes]: 1 (33) to 15 (50);
Advance orders up to size 58
[Inner boot]: Leather, handcrafted
[Shell]: Polyurethan, hard.

Individual Adaptation:

[Buckles]: in 4 colours and 4 lenghts from 30 - 60 mm
Forward lean dampger: in three hardness settings
[Canting]: with 4 eccentric disks
[Walking- and running mechanism]: Variably adjustable
forward lean adjustment
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