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ESA Payment; room mate needed

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I'm in! I just payed the deposit for ESA '05. Now, I have no choice but get in shape before January.

What are my options for paying the balance owed? Do I have to send a check? Can I pay when I get there? Can I make Paypal payments? (Unless I get 'verified', which I don't care to do, I can't pay the full bill in one shot.) Inquiring minds want to know.

Now that I have committed, I have to make lodging arrangements. I'm thinking the Huntley will fit the bill. Is there anyone out there who wants to share a room? Male, 40 years old, fairly quiet by nature, doesn't snore too much. If anybody is looking for a room mate for the week, drop me a line.
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Hi there, Colossus. We have to make some advance payments to Big Sky, so we need the balance by January 7. PayPal verification is just to verify you have a bank account and ends up gaining you about 72 cents, because they make two small deposits to the account you give them and you report back with the exact amounts to verify it's your account. Not a big deal. Then you can make direct payments from your bank account to a vendor via PayPal.

If you don't want to do that, you can pay when you get there. It's an unofficial policy of ESA to let international students do this.

I know there are a few unattached males looking to share a room. (Anyone, anyone?) The rooms are quite large and easily accommodate two guys, even when one calls himself Colossus.
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