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Went on Fri. nite. Short version, LAME!

Coupla high points though. Got to shoot the sh!t with Plake and Brad Holmes. They both seemed pretty cool. Along with McConkey, Chris Davenport, and Wendy Fischer (whom I met @ Portillo), that makes a crapload of ski celebs I've met this year. (That and $2 will get me on the bus, I know!!!)

No real good gear deals to be had. Got a heads up on the NYC premiere of "Soul Purpose" though. Prob. check that out.

Got a free lift ticket with $7 admission to Greek Peak. Nice little hill, savings of $40+. Also got 2 for 1's at Bromley and Jay.

Spoke to a few reps from Chile and France. Both hot chicks, so I played super JONG so I could stand there asking goofy Q's and get hypnotized by the french girl's beautiful accent and the Chilean girl's low cut top (no bra, ka-ching!).

Anyway, you didn't miss much.