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A P-Tex question

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Does anybody know if it's possible to use a glue gun to melt P-tex? The sticks seem to fit, but does it get hot enough?
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It won't get hot enough.
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Originally Posted by BootDude
It won't get hot enough.
Ditto that. They do make "glue guns" specifically for p-tex

I do something completely different. I shave off pieces of the p-tex into the gouge, then I use a piece of 1" wide steel flat bar, and heat it up with a soldiering torch (lp gas) and basically create a super hot iron, and iron the p-tex in.
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Id stick with the time test drip method..... Light the stick on fire and let wait a second till its a contioust stream and let it spew in. Ive tried a few other things and they dont seem to work as well.
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Most glue guns won’t get hot enough because the glue sticks are softer and melt at a lot lower temp than the P-Tex sticks. The P-Tex sticks really come in all types …

The relatively thin drip candles are the hardest variety and there’s no way you’re going to melt one of those puppies in a glue gun unless you plug into a 220V socket, and then only for a short while.

The “Time tested drip method” is the quick and dirty solution. Remember the warm base - I mean warm! - and keep the flame low & right next to the base and it’ll do fine.

The drip candle material is brittle and wont last nearly as long as the “Real P-Tex gun” rods or strip material, but who can afford one of those. I buy the best P-Tex ribbon I can get my hands on and melt it into the base with a base repair iron.

Core shots are a different story …
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Thanks for your replies. I was hoping to make my own P-Tex gun with a cheap glue gun, but I guess I'll stick to the drip method.
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Just a helpful hint on p-texing.

I found that if I rotate the candle slightly as it drips, this will prevent it from dripping too fast. If it drips too fast, the p-tex will not settle as well, and you'll have to do it again. So, light it up, let it drip on your scraper, then let it drip onto the ski while slowly rotating the stick.

Good luck!
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I am still a dripper too.

When it gets real hot..nothing like those long pfffffffffffft!
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I tried it. Got hot enough to clog and wreck the glue gun.
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