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Business Cards for Pros

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Has anyone ordered business cards from an online source? Got any recommendations? It would be nice to find one that already had the PSIA and AASI logos.
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Originally Posted by therusty
Has anyone ordered business cards from an online source? Got any recommendations? It would be nice to find one that already had the PSIA and AASI logos.

You can get the logos. The last time I made cards (I usually do my own - didn't I do some for you one year?), I got the logos on line. I may even have a Whitetail logo floating around on a floppy somewhere. They have them specifically for use on cards. Go to the National web site. If you have Page Maker, you can create your own cards. Then, all you need is a printer that can print on card stock. A place like Kinkos or InstiPrints probably has printers that can do it if you don't.
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I too went to Kinkos. I have both our resort's logo and the PSIA shield on the card. They did a good job.
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I tried to get the PSIA logo off PSIA, and they wouldn't give it to me, so I ended up getting my cards made by PSIA. $50 for a big box. They aren't bad. At least they look "proper".
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Why aren't you getting them through the resort? Don't your hills get it done for you?
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But I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night

Seth - you must be joking. Well at least I found that to be funny. I guess you just have to know the resort. But seriously, I never asked and they never offered. I'm sure if I wanted to get plain cards with a resort logo but no PSIA or AASI logos, they could probably accomodate me. To my knowledge, it's only done for management.

In the past, enterprising pros on staff have either:
1) taken it upon themselves to work out a deal with a printer,
2) done it themselves on their own PC
and taken orders from the staff.

I could very easily do this on my own PC. I just want to get better card stock and ink on my cards and am willing to pay to not have to do the labor to create a couple hundred cards and use up my ink cartridges. I've played around with this before, but did not need new cards until now. This week, I hunted for new images/did some scanning and some cleanup and am now the proud owner of some fairly clean resort/psia/aasi logo jpgs. I'd post them, but PSIA is (cough - can you say PM instead) a little touchy on the subject. I'm still playing around with the design that I want for my cards, but I'm planning on ordering this week.

There are dozens of online printing sites. The one I'm looking at (Vistaprint )charges $5 per uploaded image. If someone has already used one of these sites, maybe I could save $10. If not, maybe other people after me can save a few bucks.
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Please email me on these circumsatnces. PSIA does in fact have cards, at least in my division and if you are a member would be most happy to fill your order. Anyone could understand why cards with PSIA logo would not be sold to non-members.
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It appears you don't have email or PM activated.
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I know several pro's at my home area who got their cards through Vistaprint. They are extremely happy with them. The card stock is nice. I've been making my own cards on my PC the past few years but have thought about getting them made a Vistaprint for the heavier card stock. Another pro got the PSIA, AASI, NSP logo's as pfd files directly from PSIA. If you want me to email the file to you let me know. It comes as a compressed file with the standards for all three logos.
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Next time I do cards, I'll be a bit pushier with PSIA to get a bromide of the logo. Their cards are nice, but I was a bit underwhelmed with some of the things...they didn't make changes I wanted. At least they look professional...the home-made cards look pretty ordinary IMO.
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Now he's done it

Well FWIW,

I ordered my cards from Vistaprint today. $40 (including shipping and printing on glossy card stock). With any luck, they will look better than this ....

(this version of the image is much lower resolution than what I submitted, the colors and fonts are hosed here)
(and no - that's NOT Whitetail in the background)

Cheapo shipping takes 21 days. The design process (for an artistically challenged person) was painful. The ordering process was a piece of cake. If you order using the link above, I earn $2 on my next order.

Now that I've ordered and I can't change my mind anymore, I'd appreciate feedback on the design.: : In the meantime I'm crossing my fingers hoping the cards turn out like they looked on screen.
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I tried to resize that billboard of a picture. It just did not take.
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I love the card. Looks great.

Ain't it a bit big for your wallet though?
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The image is Mammoth Mountain looking west from stump alley. Do I get a prize???
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No fair home boy!

But thanks for providing the shot that made the card work.
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PSIA logo and AASI Logo


PSIA has recently posted a marketing kit that contains clean logos for PSIA and AASI.

Edited - 12/24/04
Oops - Although the above link still works, PSIA has taken linked access to this doc away. Please fill out a form first on this page:

This way they know that authorized people will be using the stuff.
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Excellent! that's more like it.
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have been discussed here before.

I have one on my server.

Download it from here.

PSIA logo

if you need the AASI logo here it is

AASI logo

These are the "sanctioned logo's" direct from PSIA/AASI

They include all the copyright markings as well.

Also here are the standards of use from PSIA/AASI

Standards of use
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uhh oh.

looks like the DNS is screwed up. getting it fixed.


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OK. DNS is fixed.

The above links should now work.

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To GIF or not to GIF, that is the question


I've found GIFs to be harder to work with than jpgs or eps files because they tend to lose resolution as you work with them. The large size ones that you've posted could be useful for some folks though. Thanks for posting.

The standards doc looks to be an earlier version than what is currently posted on the PSIA site. You might want to consider updating it.
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that's why I wanted a bromide. jpgs and things often can be a bit dirty, especially for printing.
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Originally Posted by therusty

I've found GIFs to be harder to work with than jpgs or eps files because they tend to lose resolution as you work with them. The large size ones that you've posted could be useful for some folks though. Thanks for posting.

The standards doc looks to be an earlier version than what is currently posted on the PSIA site. You might want to consider updating it.

I just posted what PSIA sent me at the time and authorized me to post(Yes I asked permission first). I'll check the PSIA site for an updated document.

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The final results

Woohoo - I got my cards today. They look shweet. Now that I've been through the process, there's a few things I'd do a little differently, but overall I'm very happy.

Here's how I did it. I started using a Microsoft Word business card template that I downloaded off the Microsoft web site. Although I did not need to do this, it turned out that using this template allowed me to generate prototype designs quickly and easily compare the looks of different designs. Because I wanted to use a picture as a background, I had a lot of trouble finding pictures that worked (i.e. had the interesting stuff on the sides to allow room for the card info and had colors that allowed me to use a consistent contrasting colored font). Because I'm a complete moron when it comes to design, I built 10 different business cards and had trouble deciding which one to go with. Using Word ended up saving me time.

Next I downloaded the Photoshop template from the Vistaprint site. This template shows where the "safe" areas are and just makes it easy to design your card at the right size and feel confident about what you're doing. It was a bit of a pain trying to get the Photoshop version to look like my word version and it was more work to get the Photoshop card "built". But Photoshop gave me more control over how the picture looked (zoom and pan). I ended up with a better looking card than what I would have had using Word.

When I was done with the design, I saved the final version as a .jpg image. I then used Photoshop's Image Ready program to compress the .jpg image for uploading. I uploaded the entire image of the business card as a single .jpg file to Vistaprint.

Vistaprint charged me about $40 for 250 cards on fancy glossy stock. They promised shipping in 21 days. They delivered in 12.

Here are some more lessons learned:
1) I was worried about paying to upload the PSIA and AASI images, but did not need to. Putting everything on one custom image saved multiple upload charges and solved a lot of other problems too (e.g. - no online design).
2) I used some ok, but not perfect scanned logos. At the size I used on my cards, it did not make a difference. But next time I'll use the encapsulated postscript files that came with PSIA's go with a pro marketing kit.
3) Vistaprint strongly recommends getting a proof for $2. I skipped it and did just fine.
4) I'm glad I did not go to Kinkos. Their minimum order was for 500 cards and cost $70. They did not have glossy card stock. Their design book was pretty lame. The guy I talked to was totally clueless. When I asked if I could bring in my design on one of those nifty USB pen drives, he told me no- he needed it on CD because they faxed the images off site to get the printing done. I guess they could do plain old boring cards without screwing them up and I'll bet that there actually are some skilled people at other Kinko's locations. But I would not bet a lot.
5) On my design, I should have extended the logo backgrounds off the edges of the card so that there was no picture visible between the edges and the logos.
6) If I did not have Photoshop I could have cut and pasted from Word into MS Paint and saved that as a .jpg file (but then I would have ordered a proof).
7) I would have preferred to use a background picture from my home mountain. But it is going to take me all season to take enough shots to end up with one that has the color and composition right.
8) I would have preferred to get my logos balanced in size, but I did not know how to do that without distorting the logos. I also would have liked to have the PSIA and AASI logos big enough so that lettering could be read, but I would have had to drop the resort logo.

I highly recommend using
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